Two Years.

Wow.. Has it been two years already?? Well, I THOUGHT it was two years now... You see I sent myself a reminder email that was "scheduled" to remind me when the "two year" mark was up.

That email arrived while I was away at the College of Wilderness Knowledge. So I was pretty excited to drop a quick note here flaunting my ability to maintain a project / hobby for more that the 1 week I normally do.

Yup folks, I thought it was that time again... Time for my Blogiversasry!!

So then, I started typing...

- - - - - - - - -
I started this little blog two years ago during a vacation from work when I started building my deck.

Two years ago, 295 posts ago, and one deck still at the 95% completed phase..
- - - - - - - - -

HOLD UP?!?!? While researching how many posts I have actually written, I discovered that I was WAY OFF on my "Blogiversary". I missed my Blogiversary by almost a month and a half.

April 2nd.. April 2nd, and NOT May 18th... Just how and why I got those mixed up, I'll never know... I'll chalk it up to being in a hurry (as I almost always am) and not checking my facts (which I almost always do... Check them that is...)

Well, I just walked in the door from the "C.W.K.". I have had #3 of 5 through the shower and checked for woodticks, and now it's time for #2 of 5 to shower and tick-check, followed closely by my shower and tick-check!

I still have to unpack, and get the wonderful (and I am NOT being sarcastic here) smell of campfire from that permeates my dirty clothes that I have piled in my room, outta my room before the Mother of Five gets home... (It's too bad to. My buddy Ed and I have always thought that someone should market a woman's perfume in the sent of "campfire". It would certainly draw men in! It's almost an aphrodisiac! )

Then, since we are ALL home and I have not seen M.O.F. or the girls for three days (of camping) + one day (of packing) for a total of nearly 4 days - we are going to have a family pizza / movie / picnic / party thingie! These are great cuz ('specially after I have not seen the girls for a couple of days) they want to curl up and snuggle with me! Ooooo.. I am looking forward to that one!

(Now, if I could just find a way to get the Mother of Five to want to curl up and snuggle with me too.....)

Anyway, happy belated Blogiversary to me, and don't forget to check back in the next day or so - and find out just how much fun we had at the Boy Scout Camp / College of Wilderness Knowledge!


  1. You must've been thinking of MY blog, which has it's fourth anniversary today, May 18th!

    I'll be late writing about it too, as I don't feel like getting around to it until later in the week.

    Happy 2nd Anniversary! Or is it a birthday?

  2. I'm pretty sure Dolce and Gabanna are working on a new campfire scent as we speak: "WildFire" I think will be the name. It's kinda metrosexually, which is funny since most guys around campfires are def. not metrosexuals.

    Enjoy the snuggling. I do miss that part of traveling (the coming home after not seeing each other for days).


  3. Happy blogoversaryryry. ry. I never really thought about it but you're right. The faint woodsmoke smell is really great. That and the smell of the woods right after a rainstorm.

    I'm going to be envious now, as J is not quite ready for camping, although I'm itching to get him down to the forest park soon to start the long walks.

  4. Belated happy wishes for your belated blogiversary! Here's to two more years of completed posts!

  5. That is funny, my wife just misses the "not seeing each other for days" part...

  6. Happy Blog-versary!

    I can still remember when you addicted me to reading your deck project when you started this blog! The rest is history...know I have a blog (journal) too, along with a bunch of others inspired by you!

    1) I am typing this from my squad! That's right I can access the blogs from my MDC!
    2) You need to put the family picture back up on your header.
    3) If you choose not to put the family picture back up, at least get a new picture of yourself that doesn't look so creepy! :)

    Congrats again Dave!

  7. Congrats FOF! Keep on entertaining and informing us.

  8. Yeah, what happened to the pic of the fam on the banner? I was so excited about it! Happy Anniversary to you and your blog, may you have many more years of love and bliss with one another!!!!

  9. Happy blog-anniversary to you!

  10. Happy blog-anniversary to you!


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