Belated Mother's Day Gift

mothers day

We (Mother of Five and I) went out on Monday (whilst the kids were in school - and since we both had the morning off) to look for the "as promised" Mother's Day gift that neither of us had the time to go out shopping for on or before Mother's Day.

So far, she has been out every day on her new bike (with or without the trailer).

While at the store, #5 of 5 wanted us to "buy her something".

Luckily for me, when I told her the giant box (that contained the trailer) was for her, her eyes grew HUGE, and she was completely satisfied! She set down the Care Bears DVD, and wanted to look at the box that contained "her" bike trailer!


  1. Now I must say that I think this was very brave of you. Because, in my experience, it could have gone a couple of ways:

    FOF: "Ta da! Honey, don't you love it? Now you and one of the kids can ride around."
    MOF: "Are you trying to tell me I need to lose weight?"

    2. FOF: "Ta da! Honey, don't you love it? Now you and one of the kids can ride around."
    MOF: "Wow! I can't believe I married a man so concerned about my health and personal well being. FOF, you're the best!"

    I'm guessing it was a watered down version of reaction #2?

  2. Me thinks this is from Target, aren't sales GREAT?

  3. P&P - neither (thank goodness!!) This was HER request. I picked a price range, and she did the rest. Thankfully that was not a bullet I even had to try and dodge!

    DS - Thanks! I'll pass along the sentiments... I have a feeling that Father's day may bring a new bike too. I have MY dad's old bike he bought back in 1974. YUP - NINETEEN-SEVENTY-FOUR! It's mustard yellow, and is "Holiday Station Stores" brand...

    KTP - Ding, Ding, Ding! She found that she could get the bike AND the trailer with the funds I had available from Target. It's a Schwinn, and actually had some pretty good reviews - so I thought I'd give 'er a try!

  4. Great gift! We have one and my eldest (3.5) still enjoys it... you shoud get a lot of use out of it... Like the forst visit... I have linked to you on my blog!


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