Days I wished would pass, but now I long for.

Lately, I have been inspired by friend and fellow Blogger “Backside of Forty” who has been “purging” clutter around his house.  We have been in our home for eighteen years now.  Eighteen years, and five kids.  We too suffer from a lot of “clutter” taking up space.

Unused AppliancesCase in point.  A “repairable” front load washer.  A number of years ago we bought a front load washer and dryer set.  Since then, we have discovered how much we DISLIKE a front load washers…   So when the time came to replace the “dampers” (like little shock absorbers) YET AGAIN, we replaced the set, and moved the front loader set aside to “repair and sell” at a later date.  They have been taking up space in our laundry room ever since.  Add to that a large upright freezer that we no longer use, and you have a laundry room stuffed with unused appliances.

Yesterday (with the MUCH NEEDED aid of #3 of 5 and #4 of 5) I removed the aforementioned appliances from the laundry room, and set them up in the garage for cleaning and (God willing) a future re-homing.      

When I removed the freezer – a large number of odd items appeared.  (A few lone socks, several pens, miscellaneous screws / nails / and assorted hardware items, and…  A small green object that has not been seen “loose” in our house in a very long time was also in the mix.) 


Yup.  That’s a DUPLO.

With five kids in this house – DUPLOS (then later – LEGOS) were a mainstay toy in our home.  They were almost always “present” in one form or another.  Either built sets, homebrew / handcrafted creations, piles of them left out to play with, or (as every single parent can attest to) the ever-present “errant” (or loose / lost) LEGO that will inevitably be stepped on in the dark! 

DUPLOS were intended for children ages 1 1/2 to 5 years old – where they (kids) typically transition off into the world of LEGOS.  Given that estimate – and the fact that #5 of 5 is now 13 years old – it’s fair for me to say that I don’t think I have seen an errant DUPLO around here for the better part of seven or eight years now.  Other than a set of Christmas LEGOS that we have – I don't think I have seen regular LEGOS out for two or three years now.

The thing about LEGOS though… They are sort of “ageless”.  I remember having TONS of fun putting LEGO sets together with my kiddos.  Heck even Dr. Laura Schlessinger (70 year old talk radio host) admits to building LEGO sets for fun!  I think I could sit down and start digging through the bin and start building with LEGOS again.

#5 of 5 playing with LEGOSSo, when I dug out the storage bin we have for our DUPLOS (to put the errant long lost green DUPLO back with it’s own kind), I had to remove the large storage bin of regular LEGOS to gain access. 

That’s when it happened.

#5 of 5 heard that unmistakable sound of LEGOS
and came a-runnin’. 

“Is that the LEGO bin?” she asked. 
“Yes.  Yes it is.” the Mother of Five replied. 
“Can I play with them?” #5 of 5 inquired. 

A few minutes later, I was whisked backed to days of old. 

Days that I couldn’t wait to move past (back then), but days I long for again (now).

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