A Little Upgrade

Unbeknownst to me, Mother of Five has been squirreling away some money in order to replace our old patio set. 

old patio set

Well, we had our eye on a set that Home Depot has been selling for the past couple of years, so with Memorial Day quickly approaching, and some extra $$ in bank for it, we decided to make the plunge and pick up the patio set we have been looking at for the past two years. 

new patio set1  new patio set2

This Blog kicked off it's existence with the documentation of building this Deck.   Two years later, we have a new patio set for it! 

We still do not have an umbrella for it, but hey... one thing at a time.  


  1. PRETTY! I forget you have more than two at home, I was thinking, why so big! HA! What a great day to be breaking it in!!!!!

  2. Found you from AtHomeDaddy's blogroll.

    That's a nice deck set. I'll admit I've got patio set envy. I hope you get to use it a lot this summer.

  3. Nice set. When can we all come over for BBQ?

  4. I like the old set. There's a nice symmetry between the slats on the deck and the chair backs. Should've bought a bigger plasma. My wife is currently spending all the bigger plasma money on blinds. That's right. Blinds.


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