A Couple of Somber Days

Sadly, there was a fatal motorcycle / train accident less than half a mile from our house on Thursday.  Mr. Walter Cobb of Jordan, Minnesota was killed when he lost control of his motorcycle, and veered into the path of an oncoming train.

This left a real impact on me as I drove past the accident site on Friday (the next day), and noticed (what appeared to be) Mr. Cobb's parents.  Their lone car was parked off the side of the road and they were holding each other arm-in-arm and appeared to be crying.  I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child (even at age 36).  I wanted to pull over and comfort them. I wanted to let them know (from one parent to another) that many thoughts and prayers went out for them, and for their son yesterday.  Ultimately I did not.  I allowed them to grieve in they own way.

Thursday was also the "National Day of Prayer". 

#2 and #3 of 5 are heavily involved in our local Boy Scout Troop, and the Troop participated in the city-wide non-denominational prayer service by providing a "Flag Ceremony".  Eight Scouts showed up, and acted as the Color Guards who "presented the Colors", lead the service in the National Anthem, and then at the end of the service "retired the Colors". 

The pastor leading the service is also the local Police Chaplin, and was comforting the Cobb family just prior to the service.  He asked all in attendance keep this young man and his family in mind throughout the evening's service, and a moment of silence held on his behalf. 

A representative of one of the area Synagogues was present and said a short prayer and blew a Shofar.  It was very interesting! 

Coexist1There were prayers for many categories of people - The military, government officials, public safety, business owners, educators, media, parents and families - I am sure there were more, but I am drawing a blank...  It pretty much covered EVERYONE from all religious backgrounds.  It was a very "Coexistent" moment! 

There were many VFW's present, and during a very moving moment, the Church's Pastor acknowledged their presence, and all in attendance applauded these former solders for their great sacrifice. There was also talk of our own fallen Soldier Pfc. Joshua R. Anderson, and the sacrifice of the Anderson family.

Overall, Thursday and Friday were a couple of pretty somber / reflective days.


  1. I would have wanted to stop and talk to them as well. As though I would have erroneously thought that since they were grieving in public they must want help and attention but can't ask for it.

  2. I think it is a natural instinct to want to stop and talk to them, but also natural to not want to intrude on their mourning. My heart goes out to them.

    I like the Coexist picture.

  3. Thank you for your comments. I have had a lot of visitors to the blog by searches for Mr. Cobb.

    I hope that his parents / family know that there are others (strangers) out there praying for their family in their time of loss...

  4. Wally was my nephew. Our family is a very close one, and though that probably was not his parents since his mother had not yet arrived from Phx and his father passed away a few years ago, the loss was felt as strongly. All of Wally's sisters, brother, aunts, uncles, his in-laws, friends, and anyone else that met him are hurting terribly. I still see him as the slobbering little baby in nothing but his diaper and combat boots. He was a beautiful and wonderful man that would literally give you the shirt off his back and has done so for me. I love him and miss him sooooo much that it can not be explained. My sympathy really goes out to his soul mate and his sons who are recovering.

  5. Anonymous...

    I am glad to see that one of Wally's family found this post.

    I pass the rail road tracks every day, and the cross put up as a memorial gives me an opportunity to say a quick prayer for your nephew.

    My thoughts have truly gone out to your family on MANY occasions since the accident.


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