Mother's Day - 2008

As a "father of five", I would be neglectful, and downright insulting if I did not take a few moments to thank and acknowledge a few of the most important "mothers" in my life today, on Mother's Day.
First, is my mother.  The "Mother of - the Father of Five", a "Mother of Two", and the "Mémère of Seven".  For without her, I would not be here!  Both my sister, and I were some of the luckiest kids.  We really hit the lottery when it came to parents.  I can honestly say that as I think back on my life, I cannot remember a time that I have even been upset at my mother for ANYTHING... (oh, I'm sure there were times when I was little, when she told me "no more candy" or something like that)  I cannot imagine someone as caring, and loving as her.  She always has been, and continues to always be there for me.  Weather it's "Can I make you (or bring you - if I am stuck at work) a sandwich", "Here is ten dollars... Throw it in your gas tank", or "I heard you were sick.  How are you feeling?  Is there anything I can do for you?".  She has been my shining example of what a mother is supposed to be.  Nurturing, Loving, Caring, and always there for you when you need it (and sometimes when you don't know you need it).  Her love for me (and mine for her) is forever part of who I am, and will be with me until (and after) I take my last breath.  Thank you Mom...  Thank you more that you'll ever know, or that I'll ever be able to express!
Then, there is my Mother in Law.  The "Mother of - the Mother of Five", a "mother of four" herself, and now the "Grandma of Six".  My mother in law is a wonderful woman who raised my wife (the Mother of Five) into who she is today (not to mention three other siblings into successful, productive, and wonderful people).  I cannot thank her enough for doing such a wonderful job.  She has accepted me into her family from very early on, and has made me feel like NOTHING LESS than part of her family.  She is a pillar of faith, strength, and determination.  She is kind and patient, yet willing & able to stand up strong for what she believes in.  At great sacrifice, she has taken on a "significant challenge" that is causing much un-needed, and un-deserved stress in her life.  Happy Mother's Day Carole.  Thank you for all you have done, and all you continue to do.
And then there is The Mother of Five.  My wife, my partner, and most importantly my best friend.  How can I even begin to fully acknowledge, and appreciate all she is, all she does, and all she has been for me, and for our children?  There is no way that I can begin to do justice to putting words to what she means to me.  Without her I would not be (and I doubt I ever would have EVER been) the Father of FIVE.  (There are days I still shake my head when I say "five".)  But my wife has always "reminded" me how much I would not trade any of my children for anything (which is true), and how God only gives you what you can handle (which I... well...  Um... Let's just say I'll have to "talk to him" about that one when I get the chance! - Grin).  She provides me daily inspiration.  She provides me motivation when I need it most.  She has taught me how to put our children first - above and beyond all else.  She is always making sacrifices for them, and for me.  Particularly in the past five years, I have learned more about parenting, and patience, and faith from her that I even care to think about.  This woman, my wife, the mother of my children has been a gift sent to me by God himself.  She is truly a partner in my life, and I can not imagine my life without her by my side.  Michele... Happy Mother's day.  The more time we spend together, the more I realize how lucky I am.  God truly shone down upon me the day we met.  It's been the best ride of my life ever since!
- - - - - - - -
In addition to the three listed above, there are countless other mothers out there that these same words could be written for.  Mothers in general are awe inspiring.  There is NO greater thing in this world than a mother.  The are there for you when you are first born - helpless and vulnerable.  They care for you, nurture you, and raise you.  They watch as you leave the comfort and protection of the homes they have built as you stretch your wings, and head out into the world.  They are ready and waiting to help you when the world gets the best of you.  Mothers are unrecognized for all they do, and deserve more that just "Mother's Day".  Mothers should be cherished, loved, honored, and appreciated all the days of their lives.
Happy Mother's day to the three "significant" mothers in my life, and to ALL the mothers around the world.  Happy Mother's day, and thank you for all you do.

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  1. Man, organizing a home-made gift with just my two boys was hard enough. If you pulled off anything at all with your bunch, I take my hat off to ya!

    People forget how hard this can be.


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