And Again...

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And now….  #4 of 5.

Unlike #1, #2, and #3’s post – this is not just #4 of 5’s LERNER’S PERMIT…
This is #4 of 5 getting her MINNESOTA DRIVER’S LICENSE.

The story started three days ago.
The Mother of Five took #4 of 5 to take her road test – only, #4 of 5 forgot some important paperwork.  Since the testing station was 45 minutes away, she was allowed to take the test, but not allowed to leave as a licensed Minnesota Driver – which then required me (on my day off) to drive her back down to the testing station, and complete all the necessary details (like paperwork, and getting her Driver’s License photo taken)
Capture  IMG_20161107_100932
The test having been successfully completed, #4 of 5 (and her friend) left the Driver’s License Station and made a quick stop at our “insurance guy’s” office (which just happens to be in the same town as the driver’s testing station).  Then we headed home.

I don’t think I made it fully in the house before #4 of 5 meekly asked if she and her friend could use the car to drive to the nearest Target store (the same one that employs #2 of 5).  Reluctantly, I gave in, and allowed her to drive off with my car…

Well, that’s four down, and only one more to go…

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