Fifty Years

FIFTY years ago today, two people (who would later become the best Mom and Dad in the world) got married. This set in motion the events that later would result in a wonderful childhood filled with extraordinary parents (and role models), an amazing sibling, an understanding of unconditional love, a meaningful appreciation of faith, many tremendous opportunities, continued support, unforgettable memories, and the foundation of what has become a life that I have NOTHING but gratitude and appreciation for - a life that includes an amazing wife (and a cast of equally amazing in-laws, siblings, and nephews), five of my own kids that truly amaze me every single day of my life, a brother-in-law (and his supporting cast and crew) who's faith and devotion to God and family inspires me to be a better man every day, and their sons who fill my life with laughter and hopefulness.

Thank you mom. Thank you dad.

Words alone cannot begin to express the level of gratitude I have for everything you have done.

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