Firearm Safety Certificate – Part Trois – – – (aka - Annie Oakley)

Firearm Safety CertificateLike her brother, and then another brother and father did before her, #4 of 5 has joined the ranks of the cast and crew of The Life of a Father of Five who have successfully completed the Minnesota State Firearm Safety Program, and obtained her Minnesota Firearm Safety Certificate

Twice a week for the past two weeks (plus the practical exam this morning) #4 of 5 has sat through the required classes learning about various types of firearms and how to respect them.  She was instructed on how to handle a firearm safely, and how to identify unsafe firearm handling.  As a bonus, the kids are given a introduction to natural resource management, and a heaping helping of hunting ethics. 

As it has in the previous years, several members of the Fish Lake Sportsman’s Club volunteered their time to help further the cause of teaching the youth of our community these important lessons.  Jeff, Tim, Lance, and Shawn.  I can not thank them enough for the service they provide our community! 

Since I have covered the program two times previously there is not much more to say about… 

Whoa!!  Hold up there just a minute.  Not much more to say??  It wouldn't be a Father of Five post without SOME sort of unexpected turn of events, now would it??

I was at work when The Mother of Five took #4 of 5 to her final practical exam.  Around the time I expected them to be done, I got a text message.  It came from my wife’s phone. 

It said…  “Hey Dad… Guess what?

Fully expecting to hear that she passed the test I played along, sending a “What?” in reply.

The next message caught me off guard…  “I’m a LEFTY

Lefty, I asked myself??  I guess I was not all that surprised.  A number of times over the past two weeks I had #4 of 5 do several tests to determine her “dominant eye”.  Each time they came up “left eye dominant” – but each time I had her shoulder a gun, she instinctively shouldered it right handed.

Well, it came time for her to do some actual shooting this morning.  She shouldered the gun and took her shots and missed EVERY SINGLE ONE!  One of the instructors was watching her shoot – and took notice of her trying to shoot left eye dominant while shouldering right handed.  Having been one of #3 of 5’s  assistant coaches on the trap shooting team (and remembering that they are siblings) he re-loaded the gun and asked her to shoot again – this time LEFT handed.  She put all but two of her rounds on the target shooting left handed!  

(Yes, in these photos she is holding the gun “right handed” – but they were staged photos – and I think she is instinctively going to tend towards shooting right handed (she is right handed for most everything else) – I guess that just means dad will have to take her out to the trap range and get some extra shooting practice in while she develops the left handed shooter muscle memory!! )

#4 of 5 after getting her Minnesota State Firearm Safety Certificate! Gee… Darn… It’s going to be a tough job, but dag nabbit – SOMEONE has to take her out shooting.  It’s in her best interest!  Right??  RIGHT?!? 

Come on – someone help me out here!  

With the successful completion of the practical exam, and last week's 94% written exam - I'd like to welcome #4 of 5 to the world of safe firearm handling!!

Next stop (still a few years out), the Jordan High School Trap Shooting team?!?!?  (fingers crossed)



Congratulations sweetie!!  I am so proud of you!  You are becoming such a great young lady!!

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