The Joy of (Live) Music

While it is true that much of my "listening time" is spent on the "talk radio circuit" (which I have talked about again, and again...), I do spend time listening to music as well.

I have some pretty eclectic musical tastes.  For those XM Radio subscribers out there who are familiar with The Ron & Fez Show (and my love of it) you will know what I am talking about when I say based on what you know of me from my blog, some of my musical choices may "surprise" many of you.  (I know they surprise many people...) 

One of these days, I'll post an "Artist List" from my Sansa, but for now, I'll summarize this with a list of which artists have been played recently (let's say the past two weeks). 

Eminem - Everyone has heard of Eminem.  I recently converted a few more of my older CD's to MP3 and Eminem was among the CD's - once installed on the Sansa, I have been re-enjoying his CD's.  Think what you want about 'ol "Slim Shady", but he puts out a great beat, and catchy (albeit inappropriate for children's ears) lyrics. 

The Bloodhound Gang - (Remember the 1990's hit The Bad Touch? (YouTube link) "You and me baby aint nothin' but mammals, so let's do it like they do on the Discovery Channel")  They speak to the sophomoric moron within me (and I mean that in a POSITIVE way).  I can pretend that I am a  "20 year younger, cool Skateboard Punk" hanging with Bam Margera and crew.  (How old am I again??)  Call me "trailer trash" if you want, but I can not resist the call of The Bloodhound Gang! 

Hatebreed - You probably have not heard of Hatebreed.  They are usually categorized as "Hardcore".  Before you contact Child Protective Services, you need to understand they front a name that sounds much more about "Hate" than what they really are about.  These guys fire out some strong guttural vocals with lyrics that speak of motivation, inspiration, and self reliance.   While some of their lyrics are pretty dark, angry and aggressive, there is a reoccurring theme of "rising above" that which holds you down, or keeps you from achieving your goals.  This is NOT music for "younger kids" here folks, but in all honesty - if any of my kids came home listening to Hatebreed (lets say after age 16) - I would not be all that disappointed. Check out the (text) lyrics for Perseverance and You're Never Alone as a couple of my favorite examples of what I mean.  Listen to a (YouTube) example of Perseverance HERE

Before I frighten all of my regular visitors away for good - I want to remind them that my musical tastes vary WILDLY.  Not only to I listen to the angry, and inappropriate selections above, but I also listen to some very quiet and slow music.  Low (a "slowcore" band that emanates from Duluth, Minnesota), and Enigma are a couple of examples of the mellower music I listen to.

I also have had an interest in instrumental music from the Middle East.  Particularly the Sitar and TablaRavi Shankar is considered one of the (if not "the") leading Indian musician of the modern era and is frequently found being played in my CD or MP3 player.

Back in 2006 I took a step outside of my "closed suburban life" when I attended a live concert with Lisa from Many Things Do Not Fly, hosted by the Indian Music Society Of Minnesota (IMSOM).  The concert headliner was Pandit Nayan Ghosh.  I was (honestly) a little nervous, and not sure what to expect.  The folks at IMSOM are great, and I felt comfortable crossing a perceived "cultural boundary".  By the time the event was over, I was delighted to find it a wonderfully memorable experience, and told myself that I would do this again some time.  (Read an article about the concert from MNDaily HERE). 

At our 20 year High School Reunion, I was talking to an old friend of mine who I have kept in touch with via e-mail.  Dr. Edward (Ted) Ulrich is the Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the University of St. Thomas.  Dr. Ulrich has a strong interest in, and has been establishing a curriculum for his students and studies in India.   When I heard about this, I told him about the IMSOM event I attended.  He sounded very interested, and I we made arrangements that (if everything worked out) we would try and find an IMSOM event to attend together sometime.

Recently, IMSOM announced that they are hosting another Sitar/Tabla instrumental concert (at the University of St. Thomas none-the-less!).  I got in touch with Lisa and with Dr. Ulrich to see if we could make it a trio this time... Unfortunately, Lisa will be unable to attend... (Watch her blog for some exciting news!  Well... At least I think she'll blog about it.)  Dr. Ulrich on the other hand, has confirmed his availability, and desire to attend! 

Unfortunately for me, the Mother of Five (who I'd love to enjoy a night out with) does not care for the sounds of the sitar/tabla.  So, even though she was asked to join, she declined.  After the last concert I attended, #3 of 5 had expressed an interest in attending, and so I think I will talk to him over the next day or two and see if he still is interested.  I'll venture a guess that he is.  His tastes in music are very similar to mine... (Although I limit his access to my music to (mostly) The Cure, and The Doors....)

This is going to (hopefully) be another memorable event!


  1. BTW, great header photo! Reminds me that we haven't had a family photo done since a year before the girl was born....

  2. Thanks!

    It's been a while for us too... Our youngest has not been in a family photo either... And she is FOUR!

    I'm glad Blogger got the header issue (shrinkage) fixed, and I can have a header again!


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