Twenty year anniversary! I want to wish a very special  Happy 20th Anniversary to the most amazing, most wonderful, most bestest woman in the whole wide world!

We've been though many ups and downs.  We've shared much laughter and and a few tears.  We've experienced some wonderful triumph and some unbelievable heartaches. But, through it all I have always known just where to find you...  Right by my side.  You have always been there.  Supporting me in times of need,  and celebrate with me in times of rejoice. 

Twenty years ago today God gave me a special gift and for twenty years I have tried my best to nurture, share, enjoy, appreciate, and be thankful what was given to me. 

I can only imagine (and look forward to) what the next twenty years will bring! 

Thank you for making me the happiest man alive twenty years ago today – and for making each day since even better than the last!

I truly love you.

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