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weedhoundOn the recommendation from Barb, a co-worker, I picked up a new yard tool.

Folks, may I present to you the Weed-Hound.  The Weed-Hound is made by a company called Hound Dog. 

I know "Weed-Hound" sounds like someone who is so desperate for a different kind of "weed" that he (or she) will come to your yard and pull noxious weeds in order to make a little scratch on the side to buy the more "herbal" type of weed.  But it's not.  I think my new "Weed-Hound" works harder than the aforementioned "weed hound"...

Well, based on the claims made by Barb, by the Weed-Hound" website, and by the packaging attached to the "Weed-Hound", it would seem too good to be true! 

I broke down.  I don't usually fall for the late night infomercials, "as seen on TV", or "RonCo" products, so naturally I was a bit skeptical about this Weed Hound.

Folks, let me be the first to tell you... If you DONT have one of these things yet, and you have a yard to maintain, then for goodness sake, GET ONE!!

I picked this thing up at Home Depot for $19.99, and after it's first use - I would have paid twice as much. 

This thing is as easy as Barb, the website, and the packaging states.  It is simply amazing!  It grabs the dandelions without having to bend over (root and all) and leaves the lawn 90% intact (there is a hole were the root went into the ground).

In fact, I de-dandelioned my entire yard (with a stogie in one hand) in less than 45 minutes.  A neighbor from two doors down came over and mentioned how she was just planning to get her "Weed-Hound" out and de-dandelion her yard, and a third neighbor (behind me) came out with his while neighbor #1 and I were Weed-Hounding!

No exaggeration everyone... This is the best thing in the world for picking weeds!  Give it a try if you are even half-considering it... You wont be disappointed.

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  1. Had one for years, had to convince Christopher to try it, now he's the only one that can use it. I don't mind! I concur, truely one of the best lawn products out there!


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