New Moan, Ya?

Ya!  Pneumonia

Some of you may have noticed my absence here, or my slightly darker and more sinister alter ego on facebook.

Today is the sixth calendar day of having a fever, and the fourth day of an almost debilitating painful cough.  When I take a breath, it feels like I am breathing through cotton, and sounds like I just poured a bowl of Rice Krispies into my lungs. 

It started Sunday night after I got home from work.  Within an hour of arriving home, I started feeling unusually warm.  Not sick, no breathing problems, just unusually warm.  I took my temp, and discovered I had a fever.  Not sure what was going on, I made the necessary arrangements for not going to work the next day (I did not want to bring some strange virus into the closed and shared (with 12 other people) setting that is my office) and decided to take it easy the rest of the night.

As the evening progressed, so did my fever.  Alternately, as my fever progressed, my appetite and thirst went down.  This continued for two and a half days.  My fever went up and I would start shivering.  I took Tylenol and covered with a blanket – and within an hour I the fever started going down and was soaking my clothes in sweat, but felt slightly better.  My fever bounced between 100 and 103.  Every four to six hours.  Shivering, then Sweating, feeling like things were getting better, then things actually getting worse, one step forward, two steps back – over and over.   Truly a vicious cycle.  And, to top it off, I was beginning to wheeze and cough like a madman.

By Tuesday evening with no change for the better, no food, and no fluid, I had reached the point of dehydration.  Things were bad Tuesday night.  I felt worse than I have in a VERY long time.  I was dealing with delirium (more than I do normally), and vomiting on top of everything else.  Unbeknownst to me, the Mother of Five was planning on taking me into Urgent Care (like it or not).  Not being a “fan” of doctors, doctor’s offices, needles, tubes, or medications in general – this was the LAST thing I wanted – so once I discovered her nefarious plans, I started forcing myself to take fluids.

By the time I finished one bottle of Gatorade, I was feeling “better” (dehydration had lost a bit of it’s ugly grip on me), and was actually feeling a little hungry too.  I had an odd craving for a McDonalds single hamburger.  So, I made a deal with the Mother of Five.  If I could keep the fluids and a burger down, she would not take me to urgent care, and that if I was still not better in the morning – I would (voluntarily) make an appointment at the clinic.  Being the smarter of the two of us, she made me a counter offer.  Toast (instead of a burger) – and I had myself a deal.  I asked her about a little peanut butter on the toast (for some protein) – she agreed, and we had ourselves a deal.

That was the BEST peanut butter toast I had eaten in a LONG time. 

Wednesday morning came along and my fever was at the highest point it had been yet.  The Mother of Five held up her end of the bargain, so now it was time for me to do the same.  What I expected to be a thirty minute trip to the clinic turned into an hour and a half trip to the clinic, with a side visit to the lab (for a blood draw), and a couple of chest x-rays. 

An hour and a half later, I had a diagnosis of “bacterial infection”.  Prescription in hand – I headed out to get the meds that were going to take care of the problem.  (Meds that also said “take with food” – and since I was going to take my first dose immediately, I needed to get some food in me – so I did end up with that McDonalds single hamburger after all!)

The rest of the day was spent shivering, sweating, coughing, hacking, watching TV, nodding off while watching TV on the couch, and finally going to bed.

On a side note – before I got sick, Wednesday was the day we planned for the whole family to spruce up our yard.  Our busy summer has allowed the yard to get out of control – and we needed to take it back.  I was in NO condition to help.  My parents had heard this, and decided that since I was sick, they would come out and help the Mother of Five and the kids.  They all did a CRAZY amount of work.  #2 and #3 of 5 really stepped up to the plate and helped out!  What they did for the yard was nothing less than a total transformation.  The yard looks so nice now I want to grab a few photos, but I am still not up for that yet.  I want to take a minute to thank my parents so much for what they did.  They did not need to do it, and it was a lot of hard work.  I will never be able to repay them for all they do for me.  I hardly deserve them.

Thursday morning came and I was still feeling lousy, and the coughing was really starting to take it’s toll.  Thursday morning was also the morning that my doctor called me back.  She had a few follow up questions for me (Fever down?  No.  Coughing better?  No.)  She told me that when the radiologist took a look at the x-ray, that they had indeed found a blotch of Pneumonia in my lung. 

The moment my doctor said “pneumonia” – I thought of Fez Marie Whatley (one of the two genius co-hosts of The Ron & Fez Show – my all time favorite comedic talk radio shows,).  Fez once told the tale of how he was given a nickname he was teased with throughout his childhood years.  Ever since he has told the story, his co-host Ron Bennington, and many of the regular callers have also joined in and often tease him about it.  One fan even made a SONG about it that get’s frequent airtime. 

“Fatty Pneumonia”.  Fatty Pneumonia is the story of a chubby little boy (Fez), who was often sickly – often watching the other kids play from his window, but never being able to go out himself (and how the kids teased him about it.) 

When the doctor said Pneumonia, despite how bad I was feeling, I still got a little chuckle out of it because of Ron & Fez!  Thanks buddays!!  It’s the little chuckles like that that help me get through crap like this, and why I like Ron & Fez so much!

The doctor had already called in an additional prescription, and written a “work note” for me to give my employer (if I needed it).  I started that medication yesterday, and this morning (drum roll please…) for the first time in six days, my fever is UNDER 100!  (99.5)  I think something is actually starting to work!!




Mmmm…. Breakfast!







I am still having problems.  My coughing is so bad I could swear that the back of my throat is ripped, shredded, torn, and bleeding - My breathing is still difficult, I wheeze, hack, and cough – and I am still living with this fever (even though it is finally under 100).

I am hopeful that today’s baby steps towards an improvement in my health will continue, and that I’ll be back to my normal self…  Sometime before Christmas! 

Update(s) - #1 of 5

In #1 of 5’s world, there have been a couple of updates!  Some good news, some not so good news.
First (and the most exciting) – an update to “I’m To Young For This” – the announcement that this Father of Five is also going to be the Grandparent of One…  #1 of 5 and his fiancée found out (in the middle of my illness) that….
We are (of course) happy to hear this news!  They seem pretty excited, and we are all eagerly awaiting the countdown to the arrival of this little bundle of joy!  We continue to pray for a happy and healthy delivery in January while we approach the wedding in November.  It is fun watching a new family form in front of your own eyes! 

In other “not so good” news – I have an update to the “The Deed is Done” post – where #1 of 5 broke his eleven month "transportationally challenged" lifestyle – and finally re-joined the world of the driving. 

Sadly, after several months of mechanical failures (front wheel bearings, tie rod, steering linkages, a blown radiator, and a couple of instances of overheating) – the car finally gave up the ghost – and succumbed to a fatal case of blown piston.

But, there is a bright side to this story.  Instead of becoming "transportationally challenged" again, this time - #1 of 5 went out (all on his own) and secured another mode of transportation for himself. 

IMG_0586_640x480 IMG_0580_640x480 IMG_0581_640x480 IMG_0582_640x480 IMG_0583_640x480  IMG_0585_640x480

Texas Trip #4 - The Big Reveal

Having successfully arrived in Texas (LINK), and having spent some time with my Sister in Law (my wife's sister), my Brother in Law (my sister's husband), and his parents (LINK), the time had come for the big trip to Austin!

After the whirlwind of activities from the previous couple of days, we started off this excursion a little on the exhausted side.  It had been a late night the evening before (2am), so we were a bit on the tired side as well.

Photo Stolen from TheBossLady's Facebook pageWe loaded up the car, and headed out to our intended destination - Torchy's Tacos - where we were going to "bump into" AtHomeDaddy and his family.  TheBossLady (his wife) and I had been in touch numerous times ironing out the details and planning the surprise.  AtHomeDaddy is a Torcy's frequenter - and he and I have had conversations about the place previously - so it was a fitting place to meet up.

We found Torcy's without any problems, and we were already in line (the place had a line that stretched outside the door and through their outdoor patio, and into the parking lot...) when I spotted the AtHomeFam pulling up.  We covertly watched as they walked into the patio area and grabbed a table.  Once I noticed TheBossLady grab her camera, I knew I was up to bat.  I walked over (menu in hand) and said...
"Excuse me, I've never eaten here.  Can you give me a recommendation?" 
When this first went down, I think AtHomeDaddy thought I was some sort of crazy-man.  I got this look like... "Who is this fool...", which morphed into a "Hey, this guy looks sort of familiar to me", into a "Wait, I think I may actually know this crazy-man", which became a "I can not believe what I think I am seeing", and finally ending in a shocked, stunned, confused, but happy sort of look of disbelief.  I later learned that it was the shirt I was wearing (I chose it intentionally) that connected all the links.

Handshakes, and hugs were shared which was followed up with about 30 minutes worth of "stunned" conversation.  The AtHomeKids had moved to a couple of tables inside, and had lunch together.  I ordered the Chicken Fajita, and poured myself a ice cold Dublin Dr. Pepper (they have it on tap!).  I can totally understand why AtHomeDaddy likes this place so much.  It's reasonably priced, and REALLY tasty!!  I would TOTALLY be a Torchy's fan myself - if we had such a thing up here.

After lunch, the AtHomeFamily took us to Zilker Park, and the Barton Springs Pool.  We learned all about the area - it's history, geography, and geology.  While we did some more visiting, the AtHomeKids spent some time playing in Barton Creek.

After our time at Zilker Park, the AtHomeFamily invited us back to their house.  TheBossLady took the kids and went directly home while AtHomeDaddy took the Mother of Five and I on the whirlwind tour of Austin.  He drove us by the Texas State Capitol building, and then theTexas UT Tower among various other highlights of the Austin area. 
Did you know that there was a bicycle shop that specializes in bicycles for lesbians in Austin?  (At least there used to be one, AtHomeDaddy noticed that it had closed)  I guess there is not a big enough base of bicycle riding lesbian customers in the area...
I found the Capitol to be an AMAZING sight, but (being a fan of infamous pop culture and serial crimes) it was the UT Tower that truly fascinated me.  I could not believe (seeing it first hand) how TALL it really is... I also learned that there are still places where the concrete still shows the damage caused by the rounds ricocheting off the surface.  I am familiar with the story, and have seen photos, but they truly do not do the structure justice.  I also learned that AtHomeDaddy has a connection with the historic events that the UT Tower is so infamously known for...   (No, AtHomeDaddy's last name is NOT Whitman - his connection is more heroic than villainous.
It was not until I arrived home that I realized I did not get any photos of the Capitol or the UT Tower.  I would have also liked to have visited the public viewing area of the tower, and perhaps toured the Capitol building as well.  Maybe sometime in the future??
We arrived at the AtHome homestead, and were invited in.  After the "Grand Tour" we hung out and spent more time visiting.  It was casual and comfortable, and a lot of fun.  After spending years emailing, comments on each other's blogs, and (more recently) Facebook messages, it was GREAT actually visiting face to face!
As we were closing in on dinnertime, we decided to part ways a bit so the Mother of Fiveand I could check into our hotel, then we would re-group for dinner and some desert.  For dinner, we met at a BBQ place called Pok-e-Joe's.  I had the "Two meat plate" - smoked turkey, and pulled pork tenderloin - with the Texas toast, green bean casserole, and (I forgot the second side.. Potato Salad perhaps??).  Another delightful meal.

After dinner, the AtHomeFamily, the Mother of Five and myself all went for ice cream.  They took us to one of their favorite places - Amy's Ice Cream.  We were faced with more ice cream flavor choices that I could fathom.  The employees at Amy's (despite their "Punk rock" look) were some of the best service personnel I have had the pleasure to be served by...  they were witty, energetic (without going overboard), and helpful.  They let us taste several options, and in the end (much like in a bad comedy) I ended up with "Mexican Vanilla" with no added "crush'ns".  Vanilla is one of my favorite flavors!

The remainder of the evening was spent in the Arboretum Mall's Garden area - where the AtHomeKids had fun climbing all over the Marble Cows, and the view of Austin from The Arboretum Mall's garden was breathtaking... 

Throughout the day, I was so impressed with the AtHomeKids...  They were patient, and well behaved, and were so accommodating to the day's events.  It was obvious to me that AtHomeDaddy and TheBossLady have done an amazing job, and deserve a lot of Kudos!  I was TRULY impressed! 

By the end of the day - the Mother of Five and I were beyond exhausted.  Both exhausted (from another whirlwind day) and tired (from being up utill 2am the night before).  With the day of the big reveal done, we decided to call it a night and headed back to the hotel to rest up for the next day's events....

AtHomeDaddy's big 40th birthday bash!!

Seventeen? Has it been seventeen years already?

You know how the old saying goes... Time files when you are having fun.
Never has that been truer than when I think about how fast the last seventeen years has gone by.  It was seventeen years ago today that I was suiting up in a tuxedo, the Mother of Five was getting all gussied up in a BEAUTIFUL dress - our family and friends were gathering, the food was being prepared, the cake was getting set up, the photographer was getting ready, and this day would soon become one of the most memorable and best days of my life!
Yes, seventeen years ago today the "as beautiful today as she was seventeen years ago" Mother of Five and I were married.  Seventeen years.  It hardly seems possible! 
For the newer visitors here, if you are interested - here are a couple of links to previous "anniversary" posts...  One that tells the story of how it all happened, the other is a "picture is worth a thousand words" type of post. 
For the Mother of Five... I thank you. 
I thank you for seventeen of the best years of my life...  I thank you for the past seventeen, and toast you to the next seventeen.  You are an amazing woman, and I love you dearly.

Texas Trip #3 - Family and Friends - Dallas

With the HOW and WHY, and the JOURNEY covered - it's time for the good stuff... Family and Friends!

With the GPS acclimated, and no real idea where we were going - we told the GPS that we wanted to go to my sister in law's new house - and it was immediately telling us where to go, and how to get there.

"Technically" we did have an idea where we were going.  My sister in law provided me detailed directions on how to get to her house from DFW - but in the chaos of getting ready (printing out Ticket confirmations, Hotel reservations, Car Rental receipts, and other various bits of information we felt we would need) I forgot to print those directions.  Since I knew I was going to need it for other parts of the trip we brought our GPS with us so I was not too worried about it.

We headed off.  We watched the GPS as we got closer and closer.  We also watched as the surrounding neighborhoods slowly started to "degrade" - until we were driving through an area of town that caused me to wonder a bit about the area that my sister in law was living in.  But as we followed the GPS, we passed through that neighborhood, and into my SIL's.  Later, I was reminded about that email.  The email that says DO NOT follow your GPS here from DFW.  Use “this route” (detailed instructions)  instead.

IMG_0476 The area she lives in is VERY nice - it is definitely an area of "transition" - million dollar homes next to some much older and much less cared for homes.  There are also some much older and well cared for homes.  My sister in law lives in one such home.  It was built in the 1920's, but looks very nice right next door to a newer "million dollar" home!  The house is set up with an completely isolated apartment upstairs complete with it's own entrances and balcony.  Inside is beautiful hardwood flooring, a fireplace and newly remodeled kitchen.

We arrived, were welcomed inside, and given the full tour.  The full tour culminated in a delightful home cooked pot roast dinner.  After dinner we spent the remainder of the evening visiting, and getting caught up!  We also made arrangements to meet with my Brother in Law (NY resident who happened to be in Dallas on business) the next day.

The next morning SIL had to work, so the Mother of Five and I were left to our own.  We went for a morning walk - (put on about three miles).  I came home SOAKED with sweat.  I have never had a simple (and fairly flat) walk cause me to sweat so much.  We cleaned up, made ourselves presentable, and contacted my Brother in Law's parents for lunch plans.

We met at a Jason's Deli.  I've never been to a Jason's Deli before, and I was pleasantly surprised!

Personally, I am a fan of Salad Bars (the bigger and more selections, the better).  The Mother of Five ordered the Salad Bar, and I ordered a Chicago Club (Made with Herb foccacia with smoked turkey breast, bacon, provolone, smoked red pepper-cilantro aioli, organic spinach, and roma tomatoes.).  We then split the salad, and shared the sandwich (which we often do).

My BIL's Parents did the same thing only with the Ruben Sandwich (Made with hot corned beef, swiss, sauerkraut, russian dressing, grilled on rye.)).  Both sandwiches were ample and delicious, and the salad bar was wonderful for a "deli".  We even joked with a older couple seated in a booth nearby (who also ordered the Ruben) that the sandwich was bigger than grand motherly lady eating it!

Over the next couple of hours we visited, and caught up on our respective families.  We spent quite a while with them, and had a WONDERFUL time.  It was a truly delightful afternoon, and as an added bonus, having heard about my "antiquated" upgrade into the world of mobile computing, these very kind and generous people (who were ridding themselves of one of THEIR older laptop computers (which was still noticeably better than the one I picked up)) gifted us the laptop instead!!!

After lunch, the Mother of Five and I (upon suggestion of my BIL's parents) drove to the nearby, and brand new Cowboys Stadium, which just so happens to be down the street from the Rangers Stadium!  We did not stop in, but got a look from the outside.

07-22-10_1444 07-22-10_1446

We did a little shopping before heading back to my SIL's place.  The plan was that SIL wanted to take us out for dinner.  My BIL (not related) was having a dinner for his employees - and that we would try to meet up for desert / drinks afterwards.  We got back to the house, cleaned up, and headed out to dinner.

SIL took us out for Italian.  She had a specific place in mind.  She took us to Taverna by Lombardi.  Wow!  I mean WOW!!

I had the Paglia e Fieno (made with Green & White Tagliolini pasta tossed with Chicken, Wild Mushrooms, Truffle Oil & Cream Sauce), while SIL had the Fiocchi al Gorgonzola e Pera (made with Gorgonzola & Pear filled Pasta with Walnuts, Arugula & Dolce Latte Cream Sauce), and theMother of Five had the Homemade Porcini Lasagna (made with Bolognese Sauce, Bechamel & Parmesan Cheese)

I can not say enough about this meal.  The Paglia e Fineo was AMAZING.  A perfect blend of pasta, sauce, chicken and (drooling just thinking about them) mushrooms!

After dinner the three of us split two deserts...  We had the Budino di Cioccolato (with Zabaglione Sauce), and the Chef’s Special - Taverna Tiramisu.  I have seen Tiramisu made (thanks to Buddy the Cake Boss) and honestly, I was intrigued by it's creation.  I was not disappointed whatsoever.  It was simply amazing!!  We boxed up our leftovers (man, was I looking forward to those leftovers the next day) and headed out.

(A little foreshadowing there FOF?))

After dinner, SIL took us for a drive around White Rock Lake before we made it home.  Once home, we left a message for my BIL, and waited for him to call us back.

By the time he was done with his party and called us back it was getting pretty late (10pm).  SIL had to work again in the morning, so she called it a night while the Mother of Five and I made arraignments to meet BIL at a Dave & Busters.  We arrived, and as soon as we walked in the door we heard "last call" being made over the intercom.  We called BIL back, and made alternate arrangements to meet up at one of the best late night hang outs ever... Denny's!! 

<<Retching noise>>  Oops.  Sorry folks.  I just threw up in my mouth a little there….

There we sat, drinking sodas (neither of us were hungry – especially after that Paglia e Fieno I had earlier, and will be enjoying again later tomo… 

Did I bring the leftovers back into the house, or did I leave them in SIL’s car??  Dang. I can’t remember.

We visited with my BIL at Denny’s until 2am.  By the time we said our goodbyes and parted ways we were both beyond exhausted!  Not only were we exhausted, but we had some pretty exciting plans on deck for the next day – and they would require us to be up pretty early. 

For as excited as I was for the next day’s events, sleep came easy. 

Texas Trip #2 - The Journey

Now that you have the background on HOW this trip came to be (if you don’t and your interested – follow the link), it's time to start getting into the nitty gritty of the trip.
When we first started planning this trip, we had two agenda items to contend with. 
A.) Getting together with my sister-in-law, and
B.) Surprising AtHomeDaddy
So we started planning.  As plans started coming together, we realized that there was one other agenda item we wanted to add.  We had to fit in a visit to my brother-in-law's parents! 
Most of you may look at that a little strangely..  Visiting with your brother (or sister)-in-law's parents?  I suspect most folks have met their sibling-in-laws parents once or twice.  Not in our family!

My sister moved from Minnesota to Texas to finish College (and, I suspect, to be closer to her future husband - (wink)).  Other than her (then) boyfriend, she had no family or friends in Texas.  Immediately, my brother-in-law's parents took an instant liking to my sister.  They quickly became her surrogate parents, and watched out for her as if she was one of their own (which I will be forever grateful for!)  Not only did they take an immediate liking to her, their generous and welcoming nature extended out to include my parents, and my family.  Over the years, we have continued to stay close, and have had several opportunities to get together with them.  Each time we do, we are reminded what WONDERFUL folks they are.
I could not justify being in Texas without taking time out to get together with them!
Adding an itinerary item of visiting with my brother-in-law's parents, we needed to contact them to find a date and time that worked.  While we talked on the phone, we also discovered that my brother-in-law (now living in NY) was ALSO in Dallas on Business!  We could not pass up an opportunity to get together with him either... 
So, from our original "two event" itinerary, we ended up with a "four event" itinerary, and a pretty booked schedule indeed.
Once the tickets were purchased, the car rented, and the hotel booked - all that was left was to wait for the day to arrive.  The last couple of days prior to the trip were FILLED with last minute errands, packing, getting the house cleaned, and getting the kiddos' itinerary straightened out cleared up, and o.k.ed with grandparents (who were watching them).
By this point, there were quite a few people who knew that we were traveling to Texas (including AtHomeDaddy's wife), but he still had no idea of our impending arrival.  I was certain that he would find out before we had a chance to surprise him.
After what I would consider a pretty stressful last couple of days before the trip (and not being able to vent about it here or on Facebook) - the day of the trip had finally arrived.  We dropped the kids off, and got a ride to the airport. Check-in in went off without a problem.  Then as we crossed the TSA's security gate, my cel phone (forgotten in my pocket) flagged me, and a bottle of lotion (forgotten in the Mother of Five's purse) flagged her.  One cel phone on the x-ray belt and one bottle of lotion in the trash later, we were through the security checkpoint, and free to wander around the concourse. 
07-26-10_1243 It felt like a mall.  Shops, restaurants, specialty stores, and all overpriced!  One thing I did catch my eye as being pretty unusual...   A Best Buy Vending Machine.  Yup!  A vending machine that sold high ticket items like iPods, digital cameras, camcorders, and the like...  I SO wanted to see someone buy something from that machine, but it was not meant to be.
With extra time on our hands, we stopped at a Chili's and snacked on some chips, salsa, and chili-con-caso dip while the Mother of Five had a Strawberry Daiquiri and I had a Long Island Tea.  After exploring the airport, and our light snack - we headed to our gate where we waited to be called to board. 
Boarding and the flight were without problems. 
We arrived at DFW Int'l on time - but lost some time after sitting at the wrong luggage turnstile.  We were redirected to the correct one just in time to see our suitcase pop out and make it's first trip around the carousel.  A hop skip and jump down the road later and we were waiting at the at the car rental shuttle bus stop.
The car rental was the only thing that really caused us any problems this day.  I had a printed copy of my reservation (showing I paid for the rental ahead of time) - but Budget Car Rental's system had us down for a "reservation" but not having pre-paid for the rental.  After NUMEROUS calls between the clerk and various super secret Buget Car Rental phone numbers, and calls to my bank - we were stuck at a stalemate.  The best possible solution?  We filed a dispute on the original charge with the bank, and had to re-rent the car at the counter.  This has resulted in a double billing, but with the dispute on the first charge - I hope to see that credited back on my account (in 10 to 12 business days).
Wells Fargo Bank & Budget Car Rental, are you reading this post??
 I had BETTER get it credited back on my account!
One hour (and a noticeable dip into our vacation funds) later we were driving off the lot with our upgraded (for our inconvenience) vehicle - a 2010 Silver Dodge Nitro.  (which I was less than impressed with...)
Once our GPS acclimated, and locked on to the satellites, we were off to see my sister in law in her new house!

Dave’s Day – 2010


Today was the second installment of “Dave’s Day” hosted by “Famous Dave” Anderson – founder of Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que.

Last year, Famous Dave’s announced “Dave’s Day”. 

What is Dave’s Day?

Dave’s Day is a day that Famous Dave’s offers a free entree for anyone named Dave!  (Quote from their advertisement)

And that means a great deal for you - up to $15 - for anyone named Dave (David or Davy, too).  And half off your entrée if your middle name's Dave (David or Davy, too) - up to $7.50.  That goes for to-go orders too.  Hey Daves, we're talkin' serious bucks here so don't forget to present your I.D.

Who was it that said there is no such thing as a free lunch?  I’m not sure, but I can tell you this – His or her name was not Dave, David, or Davy!! 

Hey, I’m not one to turn down Bar-B-Que…. Let alone FREE Bar-B-Que!  (It’s how I keep rockin’ this girlish figure I’ve got going for me!!).  Unfortunately, last year – despite my plans to stop at Famous Dave’s for some BBQ  – I was unable to. 

When I heard that Famous Dave’s was doing it again this year, I immediately checked my schedule and noticed I was scheduled to work!  Since we have a Famous Dave’s about three miles from work – it meant I could nab me some Dave’s Day BBQ on my lunch break! 

Then, I looked a little closer.  I indeed worked, but it was a day where only two of us were working.  When there are only two of us working it means we do not get an official “lunch break”. 

I made a little modification to my plans and planned on bringing some Famous Dave’s home for supper & left overs for lunch tomorrow!

Once I got off duty, I headed down to my car with a previously printed menu in my hands (hands that were shaking and sweaty from the anticipation of the impending meal), and phoned in a “To Go” order to a Famous Dave’s that is more in line with my trip home.  The staff took my order courteously and efficiently, and I was on my way to make my scheduled pick up of heavenly deliciousness.  

08-01-10_1643I arrived in the lot, and was greeted in the parking lot by an employee sitting under a canopy.  The employee shouted (to me) “HEY DAVE!”  - I looked around and not noticing anyone else on the lot, I asked her if she was talking to me.  She replied  - “Well, your name is Dave isn’t it”?

Since I am such an agreeable feller, I confirmed that my name was indeed Dave, and provided her my ID to prove this fact. 

I was given a “Hello my name is…” sticker that was pre-printed with the “Dave” name – and escorted in. 

I took up my place in line, and awaited for my name to be called indicating that my order was ready for pick up.

They were calling last names today… Can you imagine the confusion it would cause if they called out “Dave, your order is ready for pick up… Order for Dave ready for pick up.”  Yeah – that was not going to work today!

08-01-10_1632  08-01-10_1633

So…. What delightful, delectable delicacies from the menu did I partake in?   

I ordered the “Two Meat Platter”.  The Two Meat Platter comes with your choice of two of their nine meat choices, corn bread muffin, corn on the cob, and a choice of two additional sides… 

I went with the “Dad Blogger Special” – aptly named (by myself) after a couple of my favorite Dad Blogs!

08-01-10_1634  08-01-10_1635

Texas Beef Brisket (in honor of AtHomeDaddy - who’s name is NOT Dave) and the Georgia Chopped Pork (in honor of Postulate & Pasttimes – who’s name is also NOT Dave). 

08-01-10_1731By the time I picked up my “Dad Blogger Dinner Special” and was on the road home again, it was nearing 5pm.  The remainder of the car ride home was the equivalent to an odiferous water-boarding session.  (Remember folks, I worked from 7am-4pm and only had a HOT POCKET since dinner the night before…)

I arrived home, and found myself alone (the rest of the family was at a family reunion).  Like Gollum hording his “precious”, I ran to the kitchen and (against my stomach’s wishes) split the dinner into two portions.  One for now, one for lunch tomorrow at work.  (I’ve been workin’ hard at keeping my portions down…)



Clockwise (from the 12 o’clock position) – Garlic Red-Skinned Mashed potatoes, Firecracker Green Beans, Texas Beef Brisket, Georgia Chopped Pork (and a piece of Texas Toast under each serving), a corn muffin, and corn on the cob.

I could have EASILY devoured the rest of the meal, but in an (unusual) moment of true self-control, I packed up the rest of meal with only a couple of extra bites of potatoes, beans, and one thin slice of Texas Beef Brisket taken before it hit the fridge… 

The meal was delicious.  I was a fat, satisfied, and happy man.

Once the remainder of the meal was safely tucked away in the fridge (waiting for me in the morning) I decided that since Famous Dave showed me a little love today – That I would return the favor and show him a little love here on FOF.

I gotta say, it’s an odd way of advertising (giving out free meals like this), but it’s got a lot of people talking – that’s for sure…  It’s also got at least one person blogging about it too!  (And I doubt I’ll be the only one) – I guess I’m not so sure, but maybe, just maybe – this is a genius move for a wave of free advertising…

In any event…. I’m extending a big thank you to Dave “Famous Dave” Anderson, and Famous Dave’s Bar-B-Que for a wonderful dinner!

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