Nephews - BROKEN - Part II

Now, on to my "nephew news". This first story is less news about my nephew, and more about #4 of 5 who was BROKEN by Uncle "B", Aunt "J" , and Cousin "M" (my nephew) while visiting them for an extended trip!

To clear up any doubt, I have evidence. In the "anonymous" comment dated 05-27-08 at 10:27 pm HERE. Responsibility was accepted for "breaking" her while staying with them!!

"B" & "J"... You owe us another daughter! OH... GOSH.... Wait a second... What was I saying... ANOTHER ONE?!? Um... Never mind. Five is quite enough... "B" & "J"... Consider yourselves off the hook... Free and Clear... Clear and Valid.. Whatever it takes to keep my number at "Five"!

(Wshuuuu.. That was close!)

Here is how it all went down...


My in-laws were planning a trip to Illinois to visit their son, his wife and their grandson "M".

While visiting her grandma one day, #5 of 5 talked about "M". (She refers to him as "My M....")

The in-laws considered taking #5 of 5 with them on this 4 day visit, to which we agreed to. Not long afterwards we realized it was a holiday weekend (Memorial Day), and since #4 of 5 would be the only one of the five who has not been to Uncle "B" and Aunt "J's" house yet, Grandma and Grandpa asked if she could come too. We asked her if she was interested, and (of course she jumped at the opportunity!), so we agreed.

On the Friday before Memorial Day, Mother-in-law, Father-in-law, #4 and #5 of 5 all headed out "road trip" style for Illinois.

Things had been going well. Our house was UNCANNILY quiet (Hmmm... I smell an "Observation" coming).

Just as I was going "off duty" on Monday (Memorial Day), my Mother-in-law called me on my cell phone. She told me that while at the park, #4 of 5 was doing cartwheels, somersaults, (and other such girly gymnastic type activities) down a hill when she apparently came down on her elbow. I was told that the elbow made a noise (described by her Aunt "J" as a "CRACKING sound"). Her elbow quickly started swelling up, and hurting.

CRACKAfter calling me for insurance information (We forgot to send them with a letter of consent, and their insurance cards), I spent thirty AGONIZING minutes on the telephone trying to locate someone anyone from Health Partners who could help me on a holiday...

Someone getting hurt on a holiday (a TRAVEL HOLIDAY) and needing assistance from their insurance company?? Preposterous, Nonsense! It could NEVER happen!

Come on H.P. How about one or two employees regionally who could answer a couple of questions... What would that cost you - a couple of hundred bucks??? It sure would have made my day a little easier!

Hint, Hint... Anyone from Heath Partners listening??

After 30 minutes of hearing crickets finding no one to help me at Health Partners, I called my Mother-in-law back, and told her to take #4 of 5 wherever they needed to, and I would deal with the paper trail later.

I allowed it to go on for so long because my Mother-in-law is an R.N. and could care for #4 of 5 as well as, if not better than most medical staff. I was not worried in the slightest.

They took #4 of 5 to the Emergency room, and after being x-rayed, the E.R. staff was "unable to confirm a break". My Mother in law (the R.N.), and the nurse in the ER also said that it is not unusual for the E.R. to not be able to find a break, but a pediatric orthopedic specialist would most likely find a fracture or a break. They (the two R.N.'s) were confident that the arm was broken, and so the E.R. Splinted her up. We got our local "referral" and made an appointment for the day after the kids got home.

#4 and #5 of 5 returned on Tuesday evening, and on Wednesday morning, Mother of Five and #4 of 5 were off to the orthopedist.

Since I was up at the kids school doing some volunteer work, when Mother of Five and #4 of 5 returned from the doctor, I was able to get the diagnosis. Yup, the R.N.'s were right! Broken. A broken Radius just above the elbow. What made it all better was color of the cast SHE GOT TO PICK OUT!

It was sort of reminiscent of another cast I posted about almost a year ago exactly (May 31st, 2007) in a post titled "The Third Option" (one of my favorite posts!)

So, today #4 of 5 left for school, sharpie marker in hand, ready to have her cast signed by all her friends at school.

Despite all the "injuries" my girls had a GREAT time with their grandparents, Uncle, Aunt, and Cousin! I also understand "M" (their Cousin) had a great time too! I sure hope they will be able to do something like this again sometime!

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