Oh, oh... I may be in trouble

My birthday was last week. 

2oldgrillAs a combined birthday gift for both myself and my wife (The Mother of Five) my parents gave us a new gas grill. 

I am not sure, but I think this may have been a "self serving" gift because I am not sure they wanted to come over and eat anything that was cooked in our old grill anymore.  The grill is fourteen years old, and was completely rebuilt nine years ago.  The extra little burned, blackened chunks of char broiled "left overs" seasoning that came off the grill was not so bad, it was the rust flakes from a couple of the bad spots on the top grate that I think worried them.

They bought us a very nice (much bigger) grill, that was pre-assembled.  It would have been ok if it was not, assembling items is one of my favorite things to do!  Back in my "Hardware Store" days, I was the primary assembler of bikes, lawnmowers, snow 2newgrillblowers, gas grills, heck... anything that needed assembly - I was the guy!!

Since this grill was already assembled, it was a matter of switching the propane take from on grill to the other, and finding something to grill.  But, because I am the "mechanically interested" fella that I am, I could not resist but to take the instruction manual with me as "reading material"... 

Guys, you know what I am talking about here.. Right??

While reading the manual, I ran across a warning that caught my eye.


One of my favorite things to do in the summer is crack open a "ice cold one" while I fire up the grill after a long day of yard work!  According to the manual "The use of alcohol, or prescription or non-prescription drugs may impair my ability to properly assemble or safely operate this gill."

Jeez... this has never been a problem with my other grills, but...  Perhaps this grill is different...  Should I risk it?

Thankfully I am not a regular "prescription drug" user. 

"Non-prescription", while intriguing to me, would be cause me problems at work - so I'll "just say no" to these guys..  But alcohol???

Oh-oh... I may be in trouble!  (Thank goodness it does not say anything about tobacco - because I have been known to enjoy a cigar with my beer while firing up the grill!)

Thanks Mom & Dad!  That was a great gift, and will be put to good use!  (You can feel safe to come over and eat BBQ with us again!)


  1. Oh, a little rust in your burger never hurt anyone.

  2. Your old one is exactly the same one as the one that now rests at the top of my garden - purchased at B&Q Depot ten years ago and mine is still in use too although like yours mine does have bits of food stuck to it from last year.

  3. Happy Birthday! What a great gift. Sometime alcohol can cause food to over or under cook depending on your dosage.
    Enjoy! Hopefully, the weather will cooperate soon.

  4. ...so I should have been worried about the time you asked me to come over for a "special" BBQ?

    I love the new grill Dave!

    Happy Birthday!

  5. See, you have to be careful here. The danger is not always directly related to the grill. For instance, the other day I was grilling, and I'd had a couple of beers by then. I went into the laundry room to open the window and as I did, my finger got caught between the two windows as I forcefully pushed it up and it hurt like, well, it hurt so bad that had my FIL not been there, I'd probably have used lots of profanity!

    So the warning may actually be valid! Just not in the way you think.

  6. The wife won our BBQ grill on a radio contest. That they gave away RIGHT AFTER concluding live remote coverage of the McVeigh execution. How tacky is that?

    But it is a nice grill and we have used it for years without once wanting to blow up a gubment building


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