The Father of Five

So who exactly is this "Father of Five"?
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I am an "average joe".  A jack of all trades, master of none.

I am a giant of a man.  I am both Big & Tall.  6'5" and 280lbs to be exact.  I think I carry it pretty well.  Most folks are surprised when I tell them I weigh 280lbs.   I am not in the best of "shape" - I do try to do some walking, I hate running, I have not owned a (working) bicycle in over 10 years (but I keep telling myself "this year" will be the year).  I have been both thin, and heavy twice (each) in my lifetime.  I'd prefer to be a little lighter, but it's a struggle.  I keep telling myself I'll have time to work on losing weight "later" - but now in my 40's - I'm about half way to the "finish line".  (Secretly) I am a little worried about what that means.

I consider myself a man of faith.  I was born, raised, and practice the Catholic faith, and I am not afraid to say that believe in God.  While I have no desire to leave my faith, I am both tolerant of, and interested in learning more about the other faiths and Religions around the world. 

Politically, I subscribe to "none of the above".  For the most part I am fiscally conservative, socially liberal.  I gravitate towards (and have voted for) candidates in the Libertarian, Constitutionalist, and Independent parties.  I have strong feelings for the basic principals this nation was founded upon.  Life - Liberty - and the pursuit of happiness


I am a Minnesotan, born and bred.  I was born into a loving family with two caring parents (who are still together).  My only sibling is my younger sister.  I was very close to my grandparents, and even now as an adult, miss them very much.  Our family lived in the city of Minneapolis for the first eight years of my life, moving to the suburban wonderland known as "West Bloomington" in 1977, where I lived and grew up (a fairly sheltered life) until I moved out at 23 years old.  I consider Bloomington my "hometown", and my parents still live in the house that I spent much of my life in.

With the exception of Kindergarten, my primary education was within the parochial (Catholic) school system.  I was able to obtain average grades with putting little or no effort into trying (and now live with the regret that had I tried, I could have been a stellar student).  After graduating High School, I immediately enrolled in a local community college, and spent three years obtaining a two year A.A.S Degree in Law Enforcement (following the same lackluster pattern of effort).  My school years were more social than academic, and (for some reason) my academic years were a period of time that I was able to shed my social anxiety issues.  During much of this time, I was also heavily involved in my Church's Youth Group.  I made many good friends there (quite a few that I still remain in contact with today).

My first job was at a medium sized local, neighborhood hardware store (Coast to Coast).  I started when I was 16 years old, and worked there for six years while in high school and college.  The lessons I learned there are worth far more than the money I earned.  Other places I worked include a Horse Race Track, a Menards store, Minnesota Warehouse Furniture, the Mall of America Security Department, and a consolidated county-wide 911 center, before settling into my current position as a Police Dispatcher for the city I call my "Hometown".  How I ended up becoming a dispatcher is a TWO - PART story.  Overall, I can say I really like my job.  It's not without it's flaws, but in all honesty, what job is?

My best bud lives over 150 miles (a 3+ hour drive) from me.   I met him while working at Coast to Coast (he too worked there for a short time).  It was not until after he had quit that we really hit it off.  He stopped in for some parts after crashing his bicycle, and asked if I wanted to meet him for pizza after work.  I almost passed up the offer, but in the end I decided I would.  From that day on, we have been the best of friends!  I only get to see him a couple of times a year, and am grateful for his patience and understanding as well as his friendship.  He too is a father (of a younger family) and a very busy guy.  I look forward to the phase of our lives that we will have more time to get together. 

I met my wife while in college (Bowling class to be exact - see "Lackluster effort" from above).  We dated for three years before being married in August of 1993.  I love my wife very much, and would do it all over again if given a choice. 

I never intended to be a "father of five".  I started my married life with one son.  After getting married our second, then third son came along.  I thought we were done having kids when our fourth child (and our first daughter) surprised us.  One more final surprise, our fifth child (and second daughter) rounded out our "menagerie", giving me the persona "Father of Five".  Again, if I were to be given an option, I would do it all over again!

With four of the five still living at home (and getting older) I am finding that juggling work, family, and self to be getting harder and harder.  As the kids get older they are more "involved".  Baseball, Basketball, Softball, Dancing, Sewing and Boy Scouts are just some of the activities they are involved in - which is why I say this blog is about...
A chronically tired Father of five who lives in a high stress household, works in a high stress environment (as a 911, Police and Fire dispatcher), and copes with daily struggles of guilty feelings for not having the time he would like to spend with his family.
Besides my wife, children, fatherhood in general, and blogging, I enjoy spending time outdoors hunting, camping, fishing, GeoCaching, and solitude.  I love music (of all kinds), movies (I prefer comedies), talk radio (Ron & Fez!), old time radio (Johnny Dollar, The Shadow, Gunsmoke), and Podcasts.  I have an Amateur Radio Operator's license, and like listening to shortwave radio.  I enjoy dining out, a periodic "adult" beverage (or two), and an occasional cigar.

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