Nephews! - Star Wars - Part III

In this, the third and final part of the Nephews! series I deal with some "news" surrounding my sister's twin boys.

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I accept that my sister lives in a far-away, and strange land known as Texas... It is the land of sweltering heat, little or no such thing as "snow", fire ants, high-school football stadiums that rival some smaller NFL Stadiums (like the Minnesota Vikings), AtHomeDaddy (and "The Shirt"), and of course... who could forget the Ewing Family of Southfork Ranch.

You see, over the past couple of days I have been exchanging emails with my sister, and the content of these emails has got me feeling a little blue.

It started out with... (excerpt from email)

The boys have officially been corrupted by Star Wars. Return of the Jedi just happened to be on this evening, and I thought Jonah was going to pass out. He has lived Star Wars vicarious through his friends at school, and I broke down and let him watch it. He is officially obsessed more than he was before.

You see, I too was am a Star Wars Fanatic. I was 8 years old when Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was first released. And as most boys between the ages of 6 and 15, I was hypnotized. I had a cassette recording of the move, and could repeat the dialog of the entire movie word for word. I had seen it (in the theaters) more than 8 times, I had figures, and toy spacecraft, Star Wars Cards (I still have 'em too!), comic books, etc. My friends and I played Star Wars related games (through action figures or in real life) for hours, days, and even years... I always understood there was a "pre" and "post" trilogy story, but I grew up Star Wars was less in the forefront of my mind, and soon became a fond memory. As I became a father, and had boys of my own, Star Wars came back in the limelight with Episodes I, II, and III. I got to re-live the fond memories of my days of Star Wars vicariously through my children!


In fact, Episode III is where I first contemplated blogging. I was a heavy Yahoo user back then, and Yahoo had just started up their "360" program.. (Don't ask me what that is...) One of the features of "360" was something new to me called a "Blog". I made one (and only one) post on the Yahoo 360 blog. It was written the day I pulled my boys out of school early so I could take them to see Episode III. It's still sitting there.. all by it's lonesome... Check it out HERE.

Man, can I get off topic and ramble sometimes... If you are still with me... thanks for hanging in there...

So, I replied to my sister with... (excerpt from email)

See... Now this one really hits home, and hard... Damn... No fooling - I am (literally) almost in tears right now... Oh, how I would LOVE to have your boys over and watch Star Wars with them.... Star Wars was (is) so much a part of my life growing up, and now (with the new movies) it was (is) part of my boys growing up...

Oh, how I would LOVE to see your boys faces the first time they actually watch the Star Wars Movies....

Which was replied with... (excerpt from email)

Oh yeah, you would go CRAZY listening to him talk about Star Wars. His favorite character seems to be Darth Vader. This whole Star Wars thing started sometime around Thanksgiving/Christmas last year. A kid in his class has a brother in 8th grade who likes the movies, and thus, little Evan is a walking Star Wars Encyclopedia. So, my son started coming home and telling me that Anakin is really Darth Vader, Yoda is a green guy and a good guy, Oh mom, I wish I could see what a real light saber looks like, Storm "Choopers" wear white armor, there are lots of episodes of Star Wars... and I could go on.

He has been hypothesizing as to why Darth Vader would turn to the dark side, and was very touched when Luke took off Darth's mask, and Darth Vader went to heaven.

He lit up like a Christmas tree when he discovered that like he and "N", Luke and Leia are also twins. He said he had a dream about Darth Vader and the evil emperor last night. "No, mom, it wasn't a nightmare, just a dream that they were in."

Man, this is one of those time where I really miss not having these guys around... We would have "Star Wars Movie Nights" at our house... Since that is not practical, I'll do the next best thing... Guess what "N" and "J" are getting for their birthdays from Uncle Daver !?!?


  1. Everything in the house that is slim and cylindrical has become a light sabre. Red slim baseball bats really fit the bill. Strange how the sound effects of a near 6 year old can be so true to life!!! Our house is filled with the sound effects of Star Wars. George Lucas would be a proud man.

    Here's what's funny...because of my brother who was (is) so facinated by these films, he has a sister who is decently knowledgeable about the story and characters compared to most females of the same genre. Because of this, I can answer all of my Son's burning questions...and believe me, they are burning! He now wants to know if it is ok for his favorite character (Darth Vader) to be a "bad guy." We also had to name all of the characters (both major and minor...he didn't even forget the ewoks) and determine whether they were good or bad!

    The other twin likes star wars, but it doesn't seem to be his life blood. He is very much into the slapstick antics of Tom and Jerry, The 3 Stooges, and the like. Funny how different they are.

    Sis from Texas...soon to be a New Yorker!!!

  2. Hi
    I never understood the Star Wars craze myself, but my boys do enjoy them.
    I just followed a link from somewhere and landed here. The 5 kids caught my eye.I will surly be back to read more. Amazing blog!
    With five kids and a busy job I am amazed that you have time to blog.

  3. Hello Sammi T! Always nice to hear from another "fiver"!

    I did take a quick peek at your blog - looks great - I'll be back for more... The "anonymous" above is my sister, and she is a mother of multiples... But you have TWO sets of twins!?!??!?


    As far as posting time goes... It's early in the morning, or late at night.. Sometimes it takes me a few days to finish a post... I have about 3 "irons in the fire" (posts) going...

    Thanks for swinging by! Don't be a stranger!

  4. What a cool uncle. Star Wars is big around here too. N1S likes to tell us all of the differences between the different kinds of stormtroopers. And there are about two dozen different kinds of stormtroopers, according to him.
    The force is strong with this one.

  5. Short Stuff is too young for Star Wars and his older brother has left it behind, but I'm ready, oh yes I am!!


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