The Seven Year Itch?

The term “seven year itch” is usually associated with one’s marriage, but I am both joyful and thankful to say that I am still happily in love with my wife, the charming, and beautiful Mother of Five. (Although, in all fairness, while I hope she feels the same way, it would be presumptuous of me to speak to her level of joyfulness, thankfulness, or happiness.)

The “seven year itch” that I am referring to, is “The Life of a Father of Five’s” anniversary.

Again this year (as I have in many years past), I completely forgot to recognize the anniversary (or “blogiversary” as some choose to call it) of the day I flipped the switch, and opened the door to the public here on The Life of a Father of Five.

Can you believe it?? SEVEN YEARS?!?!

I am unable to fully grasp all that I have been throughout these past seven years. It’s helpful (and fun) to look back and remember some of the things I have forgotten, and view others from the “future perspective” I have today – to see what has changed, and what hasn’t.

One of the best aspects of Blogging I have come to discover is the community of people. The Life of a Father of Five has opened so many doors to friendship. Social interaction is not something that comes easy to me, yet despite these challenges, I have made many friends through the past seven years. Some acquaintances, others I have grown pretty close to. Some I have met, others I have not, and still others I hope one day to meet. Each one has enhanced my life one way or another. Blogging opened up a whole new world to me, and cannot imagine my life without having participated.

One thing that I noticed has changed throughout the years is the frequency at which I post. When I first started out, I would post as often as I could. Sometimes that was two or three times a week. Over the past seven years, my children have grown, and expressed their “displeasure” with being blog fodder, and quite frankly, after seven years – there is not much that has not been covered. At this point, I find myself DELIGHTED anytime I have more than two posts a month. But, I still enjoy it. I still think about my blog, and blogging often, and maintaining it still “feels right”!

That being said, whether you are glad, or disappointed to hear it - I plan on maintaining The Life of a Father of Five. Well, at least for another year. We shall see what happens when I forget to acknowledge my EIGHTH blogiversary!

From my original readers (since day one), to all of you who may have just started joining me here, I send you my utmost and sincere gratitude. You all make this so much fun!!

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