The Life of a Father of Five’s anniversary just rolled right on past me again. 

It’s hard to believe that I have maintained this hobby / project / endeavor for over eight years now.   As I have stated in previous “anniversary” posts, FoF is not the same thing it was back in 2006.  Back then, I had so much to say.  So many stories to tell.  The kids were young, and there were so many thing we did that I felt compelled to share.  Very few days passed without me posting something ANYTHING about something ANYTHING .

Time went on, and many of the stories I told that were once “new and exciting” to share were duplicated over and over (things like summer camp, hunting trips, school events, etc) – and the kids have all gotten older.  Old enough to express their “viewpoints” on my talking about them in this forum.  Old enough that I felt obligated to respect their wishes (at least to a certain degree).

As FoF transitioned, a noticeable trend (or trends) starting taking shape.  FoF began to change.
·         Post QUANTITY has diminished…  (significantly)… 
·         On the other hand, QUALITY has increased… (or so I like to think)…  

FoF has, and will remain a big part of who I am.  While I continue to struggle with “quantity” of time I can commit, and the “quality” of the work is certainly questionable, I will continue to hold on to this little creative outlet, and do my best to modify, adjust, and adapt what FoF means to me, and to the others who regularly stop on by and/or those who just happen to stumble on by.  

Like so many previous anniversary posts – I HAVE to give a shout out to a number of AMAZING people I have met along the way.  People who influence me in ways that they likely do not realize.  When I first met these folks, they were strangers to me.  Strangers with names like (in no particular order) A Family Runs Through It, AtHomeDaddy, Backside of Forty, Postulates and Pasttimes, MotherOf8,  My Family and Other Animals just to name a few.  (Forgive me if you are not named.  There are too many to list!)

Through our mutual interests (like blogging, families, and parenthood) many of the fellow bloggers I have met through FoF have transitioned into friends.  I have come to know some of these folks on a much different level.  A much more personal level.  Their support and friendship along the way has become quite real, and very significant in my life.  I am unable to truly express my level of gratitude for the niches they have etched into my life.

Taking His Next Step Into a Larger World

Today, #2 of 5 continued his full fledged sprint towards independence and adulthood by jumping another one of life’s hurdles along the way.  Vehicle Ownership! 

5 Knowing full well that I had two teenaged males at (or approaching) driving age, not too long ago I upgraded my previous vehicle to something a little newer.  When I did that, I “handed down” my previous vehicle to my two teenaged drivers.  Since that time #2 of 5 and #3 of 5 have been sharing the hand–me-down 2000 Saturn SL-1 (my previous vehicle). 

I have been completely impressed with how well the two of them have cooperated and found a balance between each other’s needs, and how they helped each other out when it came to use of the car and cooperation with each other.  I cannot recall having heard even one argument over “who gets the car” during the time they have shared it. 

Understandably though, we expect #2 of 5’s vehicular needs to change drastically in June when he graduates high school and transitions into the life of a live-at-home college student.  Recently, he has been expressing his interest (and concerns) with obtaining his own “set of wheels”.  The Mother of Five and I have assured him that he is at just the right age and position in his life to start setting a goal for, and looking into options for “vehicle ownership”.  That’s when an opportunity presented itself. 

A friend of my father-in-law had a vehicle he was no longer using sitting in his garage.  When he mentioned to my Father-in-law that he felt it was time to sell the car, #2 of 5 came to mind.  #2 of 5’s grandfather made it a point to tell him about the possibility, and provided him the contact information.

New and Former owners - shaking hands!#2 of 5 got in contact with my Father in Law’s friend, arranged to see and test drive the vehicle, and agreed to purchase the vehicle.

“Technically”, #2 of 5 had enough funds to write a check right “then and there” for the car – but, I had other plans in mind.  Having never established ANY sort of credit, I felt this was the perfect opportunity to teach him about the importance of RESPONSIBLE use of credit, and how to build a strong foundation for a good credit rating in the future.  The Mother of Five and I have helped #2 of 5 (carefully) navigate the (sometimes treacherous) waters of obtaining his very first “personal loan”. 


Transfering ownership at the DMVOnce the financing was arranged, and a casher’s check was drafted, it was time to make it official!  #2 of 5 got back in touch with the seller, and arranged a date to transfer his money for the title of his very first car!

We met the seller at the Department of Motor Vehicles, paid him, transferred the title, and renewed the registration.

The previous owner handed my son the keys – and congratulated him on a job well done buying his very first vehicle!

My heart swelled with pride.


Who is that in the car behind me?
With the sale complete, we headed out to “show off” the new wheels.  (There he is, in the car behind me, on our way.)

Of course, being the “broker” of this deal, we had to stop off and Grandma and Grandpa’s house to thank them for pointing him in the right direction, and show them the fruit of his labors. 

I don’t totally know why, but on the way to my in-laws, I was VERY nervous about #2 of 5 driving his new car.  I was as worked up as I was the time he took MY car out (alone) for the very first time. 


Truthfully, I had nothing to worry about.  I have heard from several people what a good driver he has been, and now behind the wheel of his OWN car, bought with his OWN money – I have no doubt he will be even more careful – but sometimes the worry overpowers the common sense in my own brain.

Once we stopped off at my in-laws, we started heading home.  Between my in-laws home and our home is my parents home.  So, of course, we stopped by there too!   

Grandman and Grandpa Mémère and Grandpa

(The Mother of Five’s folks on the left and my folks on the right – both very proud of #2 of 5!)
Aren't grandparents the best things in the world?!?!

With the car purchased and now “shown off” to the grandparents, #2 of 5 was chomping at the bit to head out to do his OWN thing (in is OWN car) – but not before I “had to” take a few pictures of my young man and his new car! 

May I please introduce you to #2 of 5 with his very own
2000 Buick Century
V6 – 3.1L – 4 door – “Jasper Green Pearl” with 115XXX miles on it

Proud new owner Proud new owner!

Father and son - a PROUD fatherhood moment!

Yup, there is no doubt.  I sure am proud of the young man #2 of 5 is becoming more and more each and every day. 

I was told (and dismissed) just how much I would miss the early years while my children were growing up, and now that they are almost there – I truly wonder where the time went.

Don’t tell him so, but often – while thinking back to that little boy he once was brings tears to my eyes.  Tears mixed with joy and pride for who he has become, and with sorrow for wishing I could have the little boy back – even just for a few hours.

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