13 Months Later

13 months and 5 days after my last dealings with Streptococcal Pharyngitis, I was again brutally ravaged by it's all-too-familiar symptoms.

Just like last year, I utilized the "Minute Clinic" route again, and found myself completely satisfied with the service they and the CVS Pharmacy provided me in my "time of need".

The night before I was diagnosed, I was feeling lousy, and could not sleep. I went to work with a whopping 2 whole hours of (non-consecutive) sleep.

By the time I left work, I felt like a Mac Truck had run me over, backed up over what was left of me, and since that was not quite enough, the hot exhaust pipe was crammed down my throat while the driver revved up the engine spewing hot and dirty exhaust on to the back of my throat.

Imagine my "non-surprise" when the Minute Clinic Dr. told me the step culture came back positive WAY before the five minute testing period had elapsed.

So, here I sit while the Mother of Five takes advantage of my being home. She is going out (with only one of the five) to drain the checkbook do the grocery shopping. I don't quite know what the damages are yet, but she left with lists for Sam's Club, Cub Foods, Walmart and Target (not to mention two fists full of coupons...)

That usually results in the back two seats of our van being taken out and the empty space being used to fill the van to a "view obstructing" level with groceries (You may remember the Father of Five's Observation #5) not to mention an empty bank account.

In the future, I'll let you all know in advance when we do our next major grocery shopping event. It would behoove you to invest in that company's stock. It's bound to show profit spike on that day!

Enough for now... I have to go prepare Old Mother Hubbard's cupboards in anticipation of our new mountain of food.

Keep watching - I was able to start working on a couple of other new posts!


  1. OH FOF I hate the strep!! I to was knocked to the ground with the stuff in the middle of March. Then a week later I got bronchitis and was out of work for a week and a half. Ick.

    Good luck on surviving the grocery bill! I know the trip to Sam's nearly bankrupts us when we go:)

  2. First:

    ...you said, "...coccal..."

    And Secondly:
    trips to the megamart (in my case Costco) inevitably blow my budget. I went day before yesterday and just got diapers and whipes.

    How unfun is that?

  3. I must say that even though I feel bad for you during your time of illness, that I found your description of you felt not only highly accurate but painfully familiar!

    Hope you're feeling better at this point though I have a sneaky feeling it was the pain of the grocery bill that overtook the pain of your throat!

  4. Ick- I dealt with strep earlier in the week with my son. Luckily not me, but unluckily he got some odd symptoms of it and we're still dealing with that aftermath. :(
    Grocery shopping is the worst. I do it weekly, so my receipts don't make me pass out in the store, but when I get home and add it up for the month......


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