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IMG_6617I tried this once in 2008, and again in 2010.  These were previous attempts to start a “viral” trend or “tradition” using the (self admittedly) VERY cheesy titles of “Cribs” and/or “Blogger Cribs”.

These embarrassing titles were loosely based (and a play on) the title of a then popular MTV television series called “MTV Cribs”.  The premise of this show was to feature televised tours of the (quite outlandish, and often exaggerated and sometimes discovered to be fabricated) homes of celebrities, musicians, actors, and athletes.  

(As I reflect upon my choice of using “Cribs” as a title,
I shudder…  Ugh.  What was I thinking?

Both attempts had limited (and arguably… “VERY limited at best) success.  A few in my “blogger circle” commented and I did get a couple of others to actually follow through with their own version, and asking those in THEIR circles to do the same.  I tried hard to follow, but the whole premise quickly 20151110_130102fizzled out. 

                         ** Fast forward five years **

This year (as with every year) it came time to “winterize” our property.  Where I live we have to blow out the sprinkler systems, put away patio furniture, pack, tuck and store anything not bolted down,  rake up the last of the fall leaves, mow the lawn one last time, and generally prepare the house, garage, patio, deck and yard for no (or very limited) human contact for the next six months.  This process usually takes a few days.

While I was in the process of completing these “winterizing” projects, I had a discussion with fellow blogger, good buddy, and all around nice fella Backside-of-Forty (link).  We were discussing how good it feels (despite the looming winter weather) to have our yards cleaned up and things tucked away all nice and tidy.  We talked about how “minimalistic” everything seemed, and how nice it feels IMG_6620to have it that way from time to time.

On (what I hope to be) my final day of exterior winter preparation, and a long day of raking and mowing the lawn one last time, I paused a moment to take in the fruits of my labor.  With everything “buttoned up” for the winter, the leaves all down (and raked up) and the lawn cut one last time – I really LOOKED at our home.


Reflecting on how nice my house looked, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude.  Ours is a modest home.  It’s not big, but it’s not small.  It’s what I would call “well lived in”.  It is messy at times, but not unsanitary (hey, there are six of us, three (yes, three) cats, and two guinea pigs all living under the same roof – things tend to clutter). 

IMG_4364Looking at my house, and feeling both happy and grateful for what we have – I was reminded of the previous attempts to interact with my friends. 

So, I broke out the camera and snapped a few photos with the intent of another shot at sharing one of the things I am proud of, and grateful for – and request that others do the same! 

So, no matter where you live - be it a multi-million dollar mansion, a large beautiful house, a modest and well lived in home, a town house, an apartment, your car, a cardboard box, or that niche in the concrete under the bridge – I would really like to see it!

Please, join me in this year.  Peek over some photos of what “home” looks like to me, then take a moment to share what YOUR place looks like!  


IMG_4370 IMG_4381IMG_4383 IMG_4384 



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