Here We Go Again... (In a Good Way!)

On Friday, right after I get home from work - #2 and #3 of 5 have another Boy Scout camp out.

They will be attending the "College of Wilderness Knowledge" at the Birch Bend Campground.

Birch Bend Campground (from what I understand) is a "rustic" campground in Northern Minnesota (well, "northern" based on perspective.... The Ethereal Garage wouldn't call this is "Northern" Minnesota... (grin))

EmergPrepThe "College of Wilderness Knowledge" is an "experience" within the campground where a group of former Eagle Scouts (who volunteer their time) host a weekend camp for Scout Troops. They specialize in training current Boy Scouts on certain Merit Badge Topics.

The main focus for our outing this weekend will be the Emergency Preparedness Merit Badge.

The BEST PART of this trip, is that for the first time since becoming Boy Scouts, I am able to volunteer as a parent chaperone for one of the short weekend trips! These guys go on a weekend camp out about once a month, and oh, how I would love to be able to attend more of them!

I spent 4 days at Camp Tomahawk last year (a week-long summer camp) with #2 of 5, and had a great time!

In this case, I will be attending with both #2 and #3 of 5, and (perhaps due to the field in which I work) the topic is one of great interest to me. I am glad to see that the boys are having to learn more about it.

Frankly, the more time the boys spend in the Scout Program, the more pleased I become with it. (I was never a scout, and now, I wish I would have been!)

The next couple of days will be spent packing and preparing for the trip. We leave Friday afternoon, and will not be returning until sometime Sunday afternoon.

Until then... Thanks for stopping by!


  1. i was den mother for my older son's journey through cubs and although he didn't make eagle, he was in BSA for years and enjoyed it greatly. We were fortunate enough that he was able to go to jamboree at Fort A.P Hill a few years ago. I'm looking forward to short stuff enjoying scouting, too.

    although i sort of hope i don't get a repeat of 'mrs shorty's mom! guess what shorty did at camp??' after every outing, upon which i am presented with photographic evidence of the eating of worms on a dare, the accidental skiing of a black diamond slope, the sitting on a kitchen knife at jamboree and being carried across the field to the medical tent to have his butt bandaged....

  2. You can't beat sleeping under the stars. Learn lots!


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