Hands to Serve, Hearts to God

It’s that time of year again… Time for our school’s annual fundraiser called “The Marathon”.

Since I was a child growing up in the parochial school system, the marathon has been around.  It truly started out as a “Marathon”.  Walk, Jog, Bike, or Run – 6 or 12 miles.  Kids gathered pledges based on the distance they went.  Then, participating schools from across Archdiocese gathered at Minnehaha Falls Park and headed out to complete their jorney.  Then, as folks returned to their school’s gathering area in the park, volunteers where ready with picnic food!  I have many fond memories of the Marathon, and need to dig through my parents old photos to see what I can come up with from back in the day.  

Signs placed in the yards of the houses we raked up.Our kids' school also participates in “The Marathon”.  While some schools still participate in an actual “marathon”, many schools hold different events to fundraise while celebrating in the spirit of The Marathon. 

St. John the Baptist participates by holding a “Hands to Serve, Hearts to God” event.  Our school takes on service projects for members of the community that may otherwise struggle, or are physically unable to accomplish leaf removal from their yards before winter sets in.   

We rake the yards of the elderly or handicapped in our community.

Our service areaGroups of parents, teachers, and students all head out with rakes in hand, and begin the task of raking 30+ yards.  We split the school up into groups of 8-10 students with four teachers / adult chaperones per group.  Each group is given a list of the houses that they are responsible for, and either walk or (if they are too far out of town) are bussed. 

We were a walking group, so after a quick preparatory morning prayer,  we took on our four houses, North of Second, and south of Fourth - between Mertens and Broadway.

This year, due to a ban making it illegal to dispose of yard waste in non-biodegradable bags, (which cost up to three times the amount regular bags do), the school located several people in need of leaf mulch, or are operating a moderate sized compost heap in which to dispose of the bi-product of our service.. 

Two of the dad’s with large trucks and huge trailers drove around to the various addresses, and picked up the leaves that the raking groups procured.  We would rake HUGE piles of leaves onto giant tarps, and carry the leaves over to the trailers.

One of the two trucks driving between the houses to pick up leaves.  The other truck driving between the houses to pick up leaves.

One very large strawberry grower was in need of leaf cover to help protect her strawberry patch from the ravages of the Minnesota Winter, while two “composters” were in need of some “brown” to mix in with their “Green” (brown being a necessary element in decomposition of “green” materials.)

#4 of 5 (right) with a friend in a pile of leaves they raked upThis was so much easier than all the “bag stuffing” we have done in the past (not to mention more environmentally friendly).  It was a “win” all the way around – for those that wanted the leaves as insulation or compost material, for us rakers who did not have to bag any of the leaves, and for the school who did not have to purchase any of the bags (bio-degradable or not)

The kids (of course) had a great time, raking leaves into piles (just to jump into them) using their rakes to knock down leaves that had not yet fallen (into the areas we had already raked), and even enjoying the abundant wildlife see (including the dead bird one of them raked up)!

Many of the folks who’s houses we raked would set out a tray of cookies for us!  This is always a fun little way to take a Headin' back to school after a rakign several yards!break!

After completing our four houses we started heading back to school for lunch when we got the call about another group who needed more help.  They only had two yards on their list, but they were two GIANT yards COVERED in leaves!  So we headed back to help this group.  By the time we left that group behind, a total of three groups were present and cleaning this GIANT yard…  Many hands make light work.  Once all three groups were present and coordinated, the rest of that GIANT yard went very quickly.

Towards the end, “Group 3” (my group) headed back to the school for lunch.  But as we passed one other group who was raking Father Yanta’s house (our Parish Priest who lives in the house adjacent to the school / church) – a couple of us stopped to help them out as well.

After finishing up the Group at Father Yanta’s house, we headed back into the school for lunch. 

Hot Turkey sandwiches, carrot sticks, Sun Chips, caramel apples, and chocolate milk!

The students were dismissed to finish off what was left of the day, and I headed home.  Once home, I crashed on the couch, and started dozing off… 

It was a GREAT day (the weather was perfect), I was assigned to a OUTSTANDING group (of both kids and adults – including one of my own), and I truly had a wonderful day – all while raising money for the school and helping out our community!


Thanks to EVERYONE involved.

Pay It Forward

This will be a quick little post, but was worthy of a mention in my eyes.
Today, while I was minding my own business gassing up my vehicle at the filling station when an older fella pulled up to the pump directly behind me.  He got out of his vehicle and started walking towards me. 
As he approached me, he said "I have something for you", and proceeded to hand me a coupon for 5 cents off per gallon of gas.  He told me that he had three of them, they expire in two days, and that he would rather give them out than to throw them away.
I thanked him (twice) as he walked back to his car, and one more time as I got back into my car and drove off.
Perhaps, just maybe, there is still a little hope for the human race. 
Time for me to "pay it forward".     

Just What the Doctor Ordered

For the past Umpteen and a half years, when the first weekend in October arrived, you would have to look to the marshes of northern Crow Wing County, Minnesota to find me.  If you did find me, it would be sittin’ in a duck boat with Best Bud Ed – overlooking a spread of decoys, dressed in camo, with a Mossberg 835 loaded with 3 1/2 magnum shells on my lap, and often smokin’ a “breakfast cigar”. 

What is a breakfast cigar?  Why, it’s a cigar smoked before you eat breakfast!

This year, due to several contributing factors (for both Ed and I) we decided to forego the waterfowling portion of our weekend, and stick to hanging around the cabin, and doing some “small game” hunting (grouse & squirrel).  Given the events of the past couple of weeks, this would be a much needed break in the action for me, and a little sittin’ around the campfire was just what the (proverbial) doctor ordered. 

This year was also the first year in MANY that it was going to be just Best Bud Ed and I up at the cabin for Duck Opener.  Over the years there have been several others join us – so it was an odd (but nicely odd) sort of change this year.

I had planned to leave my house around noon, expecting to arrive at the cabin around 4pm – but due to other responsibilities that needed my immediate attention, and my departure was delayed by three hours.  The three hour delay would mean no stop at M.U.F., and no GeoCaching along the way either.

When I finally arrived at the cabin, Ed had already arrived, and set up.  He helped me get the car unpacked, and set up in the cabin.  With all the necessary tasks complete, it was time to get down to the REAL work of the evening!Milwaukee's Best Ice and LeRoux Blackberry Brandy

That may not look like all that much, but I learned that the Milwaukee's Best Ice that we were drinking was a hefty “five-nine” ABV beer as opposed to the “three-two” that I am accustomed to drinking (although the “Shiner Bock” that I have been enjoying lately boasts a  respectable “four-four”).

Two hot dogs (cooked over the fire), three Milwaukee’s Best Ices, the remainder of the bottle of Leroux Blackberry Brandy (or “Black” as we like to call it), one Te-Amo and one Ashe cigar was enough to get us good and “medicated”.  It was an evening of laughs and good time!  We sat around the fire, telling jokes, catching up, and solving the worlds problems until well after midnight.

The next morning was… well, it “started” slow – but by the time I had got myself out of bed, dressed, rid my bladder of what was left of the Milwaukee’s Best and Leroux in my system, and headed back to the fire pit – I was feeling no ill effects from the previous night’s “debauchery”.

Not only that, but we were starting to feel a little hungry.  I offered to make us breakfast, and (with little or no hesitation) Ed graciously accepted my offer.

Today’s breakfast selection was Hormel’s “Mary Kitchen” Roast Beef Hash.  Two cans to be precise.  It took a while, but I got that hash cooked up just right…  Seasoned with a little of Heinz’s best Tomato Ketchup! 

A night of drinking, and a morning of roast beef hash… Mmmmm, does it get any better?

The remainder of the day was spent walking the grouse trail, sitting around the fire, napping, and playing cribbage.

Beaver DamageEd and Jake   

Left photo:  Fresh “chew marks” on a tree caused by one of the resident beavers. 


Right photo:  Walking behind Ed, with Jake in the lead






Here is a quick video of Ed and I walking the trail with Jake in the lead…  Ed and I have always complemented each other as hunters when in the boat or walking in the field – as he is a right handed shooter and I am a left handed shooter.  We seldom interfere with each others “field of view”.  Here you see Ed (walking on the left) with his muzzle pointed left (a characteristic of right handed shooters) – and I walk on the right, with my muzzle pointed right (a characteristic of left handed shooters) – I’ve always felt safe walking with Ed in the woods because of this…




We counted between four and six grouse that we (er… Jake) flushed up, but nary a shot was volleyed at one of them – as you can see in the photos and video – there was still a good deal of foliage on the trees, obstructing our view, and our shots. 

Mmmmm!!  Beef Ribs!


As evening approached…  (No Bill, I’m not stopping here!) we decided it was time to stoke the fire to get a good bed of coals down for dinner.  Tonight’s menu was beef ribs, freshly opened can of corn, and cold beer. 

Tonight’s beer selection was back to the old “three-two”..  Michelob Golden Light…  A couple with dinner, and we were able to keep our wits about us.


Sorry Ladies, he's spoken for!



Of course, waiting for the ribs to cook gave us an excuse (as if we needed one) to enjoy yet another cigar…

And sneak what I consider to be a “highly flattering” photo of Best Bud Ed doing so!!





After dinner was consumed, and cleaned up, Ed cracked out his new custom made EJH Woodworking cribbage board.   His board is cut from a solid piece of exotic cocobolo wood.  Cocobolo is very dense, and this is quite a hefty board!  It is truly an AMAZINGLY beautiful cribbage board with deep hues of burgundy. 

This was the first time he used this board, and as much as I wanted to beat him on it, he was victorious in that inaugural game! 

EJH Woodworking Cocobolo Cribbage Board  EJH Woodworking cocobolo cribbage board

After a couple of games on his board, it was time for me to break out MY custom made EJH Woodworking cribbage board.  My board is cut from a solid piece of exotic Zebrawood, and is equally beautiful!  Like the cocobolo board, Zebrawood is also very dense, and this is another very hefty piece.

The “artist” over at EJH Woodworking is a very talented guy, and likes sending updates on the progress of your piece as he makes it. 

The progression of my board was documented HERE, and is actually used as a reference on an eHow.com page about How to Make a Homemade Cribbage Board!

The games we played on my EJH Woodworking board were not the first games we have played on it.  We can both say that we won the inaugural games on our EJH Woodworking cribbage boards!!

EJH Woodworking Zebrawood cribbage board  EJH Woodworking Zebrawood cribbage board

EJH Woodworking Folding Travel Cocobolo cribbage board



We also played a few games on a “prototype” board…  This board (also made of cocobolo) is much less burgundy colored than Ed’s.  It has more of an orange/brown hue, but it has some unique and beautiful graining.  It is a two track folding style travel board.

We pretty much played cribbage until neither of us could hold our own heads up anymore…  Sleep came easy this night.


Why did I dedicate so much of this post to cribbage and cribbage boards?  Ed and I grew up playing cribbage together.  I can not even begin to account for the HOURS and HOURS we spent playing late night cribbage.  I am posting so much about cribbage here because this weekend we played more Cribbage in these few days than we have in past few YEARS!  I would venture to say we played close to a dozen games.  It was a lot of fun, and brought back floods of fond memories for me!! 

The next morning we again crawled out of our beds, and made our way to the fire pit.  After stoking up the fire, I again offered to make breakfast…  Scrambled eggs, bacon, and cinnamon rolls.  Breakfast went down pretty easy.

Since the week before, Ed (and his family) got most of the heavy lifting (dock and boat lift) done, and a lot of the ‘seasonal” work (Felling. Three. Trees) done, there was not much work left for us. 

Seriously… if you want to see some precision tree felling, be sure to check out those videos… Particularly the first one “Felling”.  That tree came within inches of the boathouse.  Not a ounce of damage done!!  Ed’s mad tree felling skills consistently makes me think of him in THIS VIDEO..

What was left for us was to haul up the duck boat, and his canoe that were still down near the lake.  We made quick work of these things (successfully getting a canoe up on my shoulders for the first time in WAY TOO MANY years).

Me, under the canoe!Once all the chores were done, I packed up my vehicle so that we could take one more walk down the grouse trail, and then I could pack up my gun, jump in the car, and head back to civilization…

Only, this time, just as we got back to the cabin after walking the trail, Jake locked on to something…  A squirrel! 

Not wanting to go home having been “skunked”, I took the squirrel, not really considering the consequences of what that meant. 

I spent the better part of an hour cleaning that squirrel, only to come home with the equivalent of four tiny “drummies”.

I actually like squirrel, but it takes a few of ‘em to even be considered an “appetizer”.  I’d want four or six of em to make up a decent squirrel cobbler.

The drive home (down Hwy 169 along Mille Lacs) was beautiful – until traffic came to a complete standstill. 

I spent thirty minutes (with my car turned off) waiting for the State Police, County Sherriff, Local Police and various fire departments to clear a particularly nasty head on collision. 

Once I got moving again, I enjoyed the remainder of the trip through the fall colors!!

Fall colors along the road  Fall colors along the road Fall colors along the road  Fall colors along the road  Fall colors along the road  Fall colors along the road Fall colors along the road  Fall colors along the road

If anyone is interested in any of the cribbage boards seen here on this post, or any other sort of specialized cribbage board, customized display rack, or customized piece of wood furniture – please be sure to stop by EJH Woodworking’s website, or their virtual storefront for your customized woodworking needs!

Christmas is just around the corner – Keep EJH Woodworking in mind for that truly special, unique, and heirloom quality gift idea! 

Texas Trip #6 - Final Post

Previously, on the Texas Trip Series.... 

I had posted about having successfully arrived in Texas (LINK), and having spent some time with my Sister in Law (my wife's sister), my Brother in Law (my sister's husband), and his parents (LINK), having made the trip to Austin and surprising AtHomeDaddy (LINK), and the big party (LINK). 
Prelude - I had a few more photos to add from the last day, and journey home - but they were taken with the camera on my cel-phone.  The same cel phone that I left on top of my car when I drove off to work.  The same cel-phone that I never saw again, containing the remaining photos that will also never be seen (or posted here).  Come to think of it, that may be the reason I never got back around to finishing this story (at least not until now... )
Well, I say it's about time.  Let's wrap up this story... Huh? 

Having survived the big birthday bash, including the extended late night of guitar music, surprise guest Maria (in all her velvety nudeness) and all her stories, and the multiple tales of shenanigans that AtHomeDaddy, TheBossLady, and their friends had gotten themselves into over the years - the time had come for us to return to Dallas for one last day with my sister in law. 

With a three hour road trip in front of us, we woke early so we could maximize our last day with my sister in law.  When we had left for Austin from Dallas, we departed having made a promise that upon our return we would arrive with fresh kolackys from the Czech Stop located in the town of West, Texas.  The Czech Stop is known far and wide for their kolachkys!  It was sort of ironic that we were stopping for kolachkys while we were in Texas, especially when you consider that one of our neighboring towns back home (Montgomery, MN) was holding their big town celebration that same day... The celebration is called Kolacky Days

Well, we stopped at Czech Stop, and picked up the requested poppy seed kolachkys, and grabbed some cream cheese and cherry (or was it apple) versions too. 

Once we returned to Dallas, and met back up with my sister in law, we shared the stories of our wild adventures in Austin with my sister in law while we sat around enjoying the delicious kolachkys we obtained from Czech Stop!

Since this was our last day in Texas, and it had been busy, Busy, BUSY since we arrived - we wanted to dial it back a bit and have a more "leisurely" sort of day.  We had wanted to take my sister in law out for dinner - some place a little nicer - in gratitude for all she had done for us while we were in visiting, and for all the fun she had shown us while we were in town.  She said she had a nice place in mind...  So, we looked at what else we could do to fill the rest of the day... 

We decided to take in a movie.
That may not seem like much for many of you, but for parents of five - seeing a movie that is not animated, have princes or princesses, was produced by Nickelodeon / Disney / Pixar, or is rated "G" , and in a honest to goodness theater - well that's just a special sort of treat.  It happens once, maybe twice a year.  So it was a just what the doctor ordered... 
We saw Grown Ups.

After the movie, my sister in law took us to the restaurant she had in mind.  We arrived at Primo's, arriving "just in time".  We got our orders taken and food served up just as the crowds started arriving in earnest.  Since it would be one of the last times I'd have a chance to do it, I ordered a tap drawn "Shiner Bock".  The food, delicious!  The beer, cold!  The company (my wife and her sister), wonderful! 

It was a great night!!

After dinner we headed back to my sister in law's house (she had to work in the morning).  The Mother of Five and I wanted to "walk off" a little bit of dinner - so we let my sister finish up some "take home work" while we drove back to White Rock Lake where we went for a four mile walk.  This evening more than any other, I noticed the "Texas heat".  Even walking around the lake - and at night - it was horribly warm.  I think the lake actually made it warmer by adding humidity to the mix.  When the wind blew and you felt the breeze hit your face (expecting a reprieve from the heat) - it actually felt warmer!!

The next morning, we said our good byes with my sister in law as she headed off for work.  After a casual morning, the Mother of Five and I packed up, loaded up the rental and headed back to the airport.  We checked in, and had lunch at TGIFridays (in the airport).

The return flight was over booked, and it was looking like we were going to get some deep discounts on our next flight (we were top of the list to be bumped) - but when the flight was SIGNIFICANTLY delayed (3+ hours) - it caused other passengers (who had connecting flights) to be bumped - opening up seats on the flight, and eliminating the need for volunteers (and eliminating my chance at two $200.00 vouchers).

We arrived back in Minnesota - and even though my Mom had a nice dinner spread just about ready for us when my dad picked us up and brought us back to our van (which was parked at their house) - we politely turned it down...  Despite the delicious food my mom makes (and she does!) I had an overbearing desire to get back to MY home, and see the kids.

We had a WONDERFUL time.

I want to thank my sister in law.  She generously opened her home and let us stay with her, fed us, and (this is important in Texas) kept us cool with her air conditioning!!  All kidding aside, it's so easy to forget just how much fun it can be hanging out with her - being so far apart.  Thanks again sister in law!

I also want to thank AtHomeDaddy, TheBossLady, and the rest of the extended AtHomeFamily!!  Going down there to help celebrate his birthday (and, in all honesty - meet face to face for the first time) is a little bit out of my "comfort zone" (ok, it's WAY out of it).  But AtHomeDaddy has been such a good "virtual" friend to me over the past few years - when the moment arrived, it did not at all seem like we were meeting for the very first time.  His extended family (and his friends) were also so hospitable, and welcoming, and friendly.  It made what could have been a nightmare of anxiety (for me) feel like nothing more than getting together with some old friends. 

Thank you - To each and everyone that made our trip to Texas such a wonderful and memorable experience!!  

Our New Chimenea

I have been watching for a new or used Chimenea for our deck for the past for the past year (or more). 

Earlier this spring, I found one being sold (used) on craigslist that fit my price range (aka “on-the-cheap”) in the town next to us.  I called the seller and showed up the next day cash in hand.  He walked me around the back of his house where it was located – it was exactly what I was looking for!  It was many years old and was used by his parents before they gave it to him – and he used it for many years before selling it.  The seller and I picked it up to load in in my car when the chimenea crumbled in our hands.

I was (needless to say) disappointed… 

Last week, while at Lowes, I noticed a Chimenea marked so ridiculously low priced that (despite the Mother of Five’s pointing out how much it resembles Sponge Bob Square Pant’s house – a pineapple under the sea) that we HAD to pick it up.

I was not going to be able to “fire it up” for a few days (due to a hunting trip) – but the evening I got back from my hunting trip (which was filled with time around the campfire) – I put our first fire in the chimenea. 

There are some “instructions” for breaking it in…

Step one… Light several small fires in it before you “load it up” (to “break in in” so as to prevent cracking)… 

I took a few scrap pieces of construction grade lumber (“two by’s”) and got to the “work’ of breaking it in.

 10-03-10_1838   10-03-10_1840

Now, before you all lecture me about having a “flame resistant hearth” under the unit – I’ll have them under there before the next fire – this was my first time out and I sat by the fire with a bucket of water the whole time!  I was being plenty cautious…

10-03-10_1844    10-03-10_1909

The fire started out small (and not very warm at all) but it was an excuse to relax and watch the kids playing in the yard! 

As the evening went on, and the wood broke down to coals – it really spit out the heat!  I turned out to be a really nice relaxing evening!

Ideally, I’d like a cast iron chimenea with a deeper bowl and a taller stack. Even though it’s not exactly what we want, it was way too good a deal to pass up, and it will do for now – at least until the time comes that we do find what we are looking for (in my “on the cheap” price range).

10-03-10_1945   10-03-10_1944

How is the Cleanup Going?

Did the Father of Five succumb to the horrors of all that cat poo? 

Did he make it out alive? 

Why have we not heard from him in such a long time?

These, and other questions will soon be answered!!

Operation Cat Poo Cleanup

(Coined CPC – not to be confused with the similarly named, and (let’s be honest) possibly related organization CDC (Center for Disease Control – because heaven alone knows what kind of diseases are carried in a half ton of cat poo)) 

… has been (I am happy to report) a success!  It was not without it’s struggles.  It was time consuming.  It was a hot, dirty, messy job.  It took up four of my seven days off.  It caused me to have to cut a hole in the ceiling of one of our boy’s bedroom closets, and will eventually cause me to have to remove and replace a large portion of the ceiling in the other boy’s bedroom.  

But, I again am pleased with the results thus far. 

Let me recap…

First I found the poo in the ceiling.  Then, I struggled to remove it using only the tools I had at hand.  Finding this to fail miserablly, I set out to upgrade some of the tools I needed, and do a little more “demo” work in and around the house to allow me access.  (If you have not heard the whole story yet – be sure to check out THIS LINK.)

After what I assumed to be a wasted day (running errands picking up the upgraded tools I thought I would need, stopping for lunch, and nabbing one other completely unnecessary item) I was delighted to see how much a difference the upgraded shop vac hose actually made!  What I did was this…

I upgraded the shopvac hose from 1 1/4 inch to 2 1/2 inch.  I borrowed a neighbor’s 2 1/2 inch hose, so that I had a combined lenght of sixteen feet to work with.  I attached the end of the shop vac hose to the end of my duck decoy retrieval tool (extendes out to sixteen feet) and climbed up into the rafters, attacking the “mess” from two different angles.




Here is where the cats were getting access.

You can see the vacuum hose hanging from the ceiling.







Here you can see the hose attached to the duck decoy retrieval tool. 









What I was able to do was lift the pole, which raised the far end of the hose up. 








Because I taped the tip of the duck decoy pole to the end of the hose (leaving a bit of the hose extended past beyond the end of the decoy pole) – when I lifted the pole, gravity pulled the end of the hose down a bit, giving me the perfect angle to maneuver around and remove the offending cat poo.




Not only did it work so well on the spaces I had not cleaned up, it worked so well I went back and re-did the first two spaces I did previously, and picked up the few pieces I could not retrieve with the smaller hose! 

I got more done in a few short hours (with the big hose) than I did in a whole day’s worth of work (with the smaller hose).

After a couple of hours worth of cleaning (and retrieving approximately 80% of the offending material) I changed from a “clean up” approach to a “prevention” approach.  I was leaving for a weekend hunting trip, and wanted to make sure that the cats had no further access to this space.  I used copious amounts of fiberglass insulation, stuffing the areas the cats gained access tight with insulation.  Then, to ensure they would not pull the insulation out, I covered it with plastic, stapling it tight, and removed a shelf that they were using to climb up on.

This job was by far the worst part of the ordeal.  The fiberglass dust was attacking my allergies like you would not believe.  My arms, face, stomach and back were covered with fiberglass rash. It got into my shirt and through my clothing.    A day later I was still suffering with the effects of the fiberglass rash.

After returning from my hunting trip (and having one last day off) it was time to finish the job.  I moved my “attack” to the access hole in the closet and went after the mess from the different angle that the access allowed me. 

Several hours later, I could say that I vacuumed up all the poo!  There was nothing left to be seen!!

IMG_0740_640x480 IMG_0718_640x480 IMG_0719_640x480 IMG_0732_640x480

This is a photo looking both directions from the access panel.  (Left – over the worst part of the mess – this area was almost solid poo.  A virtual “poo landscape” if you will)  (Right – there were a few bits here, but it’s all gone now)

IMG_0733_640x480  IMG_0739_640x480

At this point, I was calling the “removal of the HazMat” successfully complete! 

IMG_0741_640x480 It was time to clean up MY mess.  Shopvac, hoses, extension wands, duck decoy poll, tools, lights, extension cords, drywall, drywall dust, etc, etc, etc – Many of which were also in contact with the “HazMat”

I cleaned up the majority of my mess by hauling it outside, and soaking it in a concentrated bleach solution.  They have been air drying outside now for almost a day. 

So, what’s left???

Well, I have to finish framing in the access panel in my son’s closet – making it a permanent access point (just in case). 

Then, some time in the foreseeable future I have decided I will have to replace the ceiling.  The smell is almost all gone, but there is some staining on the drywall above.  There is BY FAR much less “pee” stains than there was poo, but there is enough staining up there to make me want to replace the ceiling.  But I feel much better with out the poo up there while I wait for an opportunity to replace the ceiling.   

With Operation CPC now complete – It’s time to return to my regularly less exciting (and poo filled) life…

One last question I hear you all asking me…  What happened with the cats?

Nothing.  I did not even get angry with them. 
After all, I suspect my cats also suffer (much like myself) with a case of Parcopresis.

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