The Crawl Space

I have had a pretty busy weekend.

For the first time in almost a month, my days off were not taken up with plans. Thanksgiving was great, and thanksgiving dinner was one of the best I have had in a long time. Michele did a great job!
Since Thanksgiving, we got out all the Christmas decorations. Our decorations are stored in the "crawl space" under the steps of the house. It's a small storage area with less than half the height of the rest of the room.

The first several years we lived in the house, I would crawl in, and wear out the knees of my pants, as I was crawling directly on the cement floor. Most cement floors are abrasive, and because of that, I would pretty much ruin what ever pants I was wearing. After we finished the basement, I had carpet remnants left over, and laid them out in patchwork on the floor to kneel on. That worked ok, but the remnants would move all around, and only covered a small portion of the space. As I would drag things out, the remnants would slide, bunch up, and block my ability to pull (or push) out the bigger or heaver storage containers.

This summer, one of the local Menards stores was closing, and moving down the street. As they did this, they put their merchandise on clearance to get rid of it and not have to move it. As Michele and I meandered around the store we found boxes of adhesive carpet squares. It was the perfect solution. We picked them up and decided to store them away (in the crawl space) until Christmas time when we would have 75% of the crawlspace cleared out, and installing them would be easier!

Fast forward 5 months, and I had forgotten all about the squares. As we got out the Christmas Decorations, we "found" the squares, and made plans for Saturday to get them put in. I spent a large portion of Saturday getting them put in!

Before (more like during) and After photos

I ending up being about a box short (we bought what Menards had left at the time). Also, tired of hitting a hot light bulb hanging WAY down below the ceiling line, I have decided to upgrade the lighting in the crawlspace. So Monday or Tuesday I will run to the store, pick up some more tiles, and some upgraded lighting. I will update this post when that is complete.

I also have a couple of other posts to finish up. I hope to have them finished by Wed.


A Thanksgiving "Turkey Tale". (Updated)

Please forgive me. I have not posted much here lately. Remember the gap in posts while trying to write about my duck hunting adventure? This time I am writing TWO deer hunting adventures, and they are taking up my creative juices.

This story could fit into the theme of my Outdoor Journal blog, but I decided to put it here. This blog needed an update, and it's not really a "Outdoor" entry.

This story is completely true. It sounds almost made up, but I promise you it is not.

First I would like to share my condolonces to the Cobbs family and problems these turkeys have caused them and their home. Wild animals that get trapped into people's homes do a significant amount of damage.

Next, you need to know that I maintain the "Deer List" at work. I keep names and numbers of people who are willing to take a recently killed deer in the city for the venison. I have done this for many years because I hate to see the the animial go to waste. If some good can come out of a bad situation, I want to do my part to be part of the solution. There are (after all) many people who are willing to take a deer that was hit by a car, or one that our officers had to "dispatch" for one reason or another.

Yesterday (Thanksgiving Day), while working, my partner took a 911 call about a wild turkey that crashed thru a homeowners window and was tearing up their house.

About a year ago this same thing happened. Frequently the turkeys are significantly injured when this happens. I sent out a message to our officers that if the turkey was indeed severely injured, and the homeowner or any of the officers did not want the carcass, I would love to take it! Unfortunately for me, the officer I dispatched is also an avid hunter, and he got the turkey.

This year, that officer was not working, and I (again) sent out a message to all the squads that if the turkey was indeed severely injured, and the homeowner or any of the officers did not want the carcass, I would love to take it! I lucked out! Instead of anyone saying they wanted it, I became the butt of many jokes for the day, but heck, I did not care! FRESH WILD TURKEY FOR THANKSGIVING! How often does that happen? NEVER - the season is in the spring! I felt that because it was Thanksgiving day, it was an sign that I was to get this bird.

I called home and told my wife that dinner may have to be a few hours later. She was not clear on why, so I filled her in. She was... Well.... Lets say "less than enthused" about delaying dinner. She did not care if I took the bird, but thought we could save it for later. With guests coming over, I agreed.

Well, it ends up that three officers responded to try and round up the bird (I think two of them went with cameras to get pictures of the "Primary" officer on the call).

As the story ends, (or so I was told). While trying to round up the bird, it did crash it's way back thru the broken window, and take off back towards the wooded area. Officers told me there was lots of blood around the house, and one of them even tried to "track" the bird a little (it was bleeding quite a bit I am told), but despite every ones attempts, my freezer is wild turkey free.

Oh well... Maybe I need to stock the fridge with a little bit of the "Other" Wild Turkey...


Seem too odd to be true?

Check this LINK.
(Article attached below)
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This holiday turkey was a home wrecker
On Thanksgiving morning the gobbler smashed through a dining-room
window in Bloomington, interrupting dinner preparations.

Jim Adams, Star Tribune
Last update: November 24, 2006 – 11:52 PM

Guess who dropped in for Thanksgiving at the Cobbs' house in Bloomington?
A wild turkey, busting through the dining-room picture window.

"It's terrible. My house is a disaster!" Sandy Cobbs said Friday, amid window glass littered on a bloody carpet in her dining room. "Everybody thinks it's funny, but it's not. I just couldn't believe it was Thanksgiving and there was a live turkey in my house."

Once might be funny, she said, but this was her second holiday feathered fiasco.
The first turkey attack came on Christmas Day 2004, confirmed Bloomington police Sgt. Mike Roepke. Sandy and Bill Cobbs were at their daughter's home that day and the neighbors called after seeing a hole in the same dining room window about 16 feet above the ground.

On Thursday, Sandy was in her kitchen preparing sweet potatoes and vegetables to bring to her sister's when she heard a thunderous crash.

"At first I thought my buffet fell over. It was so loud and kept crashing," she said. "I went in there and said, 'Not again. Not again.' He was huge -- two or three feet tall." It looked like the big bird had landed on her now scratched-up glass dining-room table and flopped to the floor.
Her husband was out walking their two little dogs, and Sandy went looking for him.

"I ran out the door. I grabbed the car and started driving to find my husband. I found him and jumped out and said, 'I'll take the dogs. You go home. There's a turkey in the house.' "

Bill called the police on his cell phone as he drove. When he tried to hustle the feathered intruder back to nature, it ricocheted off some back-wall windows and then retreated to a big pot of orchids until police arrived. Several officers gradually herded the bloody bird out the open deck doors.

The Cobbs live near the Hyland Hills ski area and see wild turkeys strut by nearly every day. Sandy speculated that the turkeys were attracted by the reflection of trees in the window.
The last time around, the officers had to kill the turkey, Roepke said.

That turkey mishap cost the Cobbs' insurance company nearly $10,000 to make repairs and replace carpeting, windows and curtains, Sandy Cobbs said.

"My insurance company doesn't think it's funny," she said. "I don't know if I can turn in another claim."

The turkey-tale moral? She said she had none, "except that on the holidays, I am leaving town."
Jim Adams • 612-673-7658 •


Sandy Cobbs displays a "souvenir" turkey feather from the wild bird that crashed though a window into her dining room on Thursday.

Published November 24, 2006
Photo by Tom Sweeney, Star Tribune

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Update: 11-28-06
The turkey story has made NATIONAL news!
I dont know how long this link will last, but here is a link to a video of the story on CNN's website!
FOX NEWS VIDEO (May be the same)

Even though I knew better...

I still used "Goo-Gone" to wash polyurathane off my hands last night.

O U C H - Damn that burns....

For thoes of you who do not know what this may do to your hands...

More on this later.

Bad News / Good News

As I sat in the deer stand last weekend, reflecting about what I wanted to talk about from this trip in my "Dad's Hunting Journal", it struck me that the name did not accurately reflect what I wanted to do. I did not want to Journal about my hunting adventures. In fact the blog description says...

A few years back I started documenting my outdoor (hunting, fishing, and camping) adventures. I purchased a very nice leather journal, with hand made paper, and hand made / leather bindings. It is a masterpiece. If you check out my first entry, I have some pictures of the journal. Anyway, I want this blog to be an "electronic" duplicate of that journal. Enjoy!

So, I decided I needed to take a couple of steps...

First, the bad news:
For those of you who have been faithful readers of my "Dad's Hunting Journal" blog, I am sorry to tell you that as of now, it is gone. Any links you may have save, or "favorites" folders it is in will no longer be useful to you. Nada, Capute, Finished, Gone....

I have also tried to find all the links to that blog in this one, and make the changes, but I am sure I have not found all of them...

Now, the good news:
"Dad's Hunting Journal" has been replaced with "Dad's Outdoor Journal" !! That name more closely reflects what it is, and why I started the journal (and the electronic blog version). I was able to copy over all my old posts! NOTHING WAS LOST!! The layout, format, and entries are all the same. Only the name was changed.

So, without further ado - I would like to formally introduce you to my (although it wont appear so) new and improved - OUTDOOR JOURNAL !!

Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused you.

A Little Change of Pace.

For the first time in TEN YEARS I am going to spend time deer hunting at Ed's cabin. This year will be interesting, as I have an opportunity to hunt both up north with Ed and down south with Joe (my father in law).

I have to prepare for the trip today, and will be leaving directly from work tomorrow (Friday), so I will not have much time to post about the trip until I return.

Watch here for an announcement, and/or watch my "Dad's Hunting Journal" for a little background and the actual entry for my hunting trip this weekend.

Wish me luck,
I'd love to bring home a big buck!


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