The Force Was With Us!

Just a couple of quick photos...  We are exhausted.  More to follow.


StarWars Outside the Museum.


starwars1 Entrance to the exhibit.


starwars2 Inside the exhibit.


Admittedly not the best photos, but it's after 10:30pm and I have NOTHING left to give... This is what you get.


  1. This looks like a place I would love to visit...can you say road trip...I look forward to hearing more about the exhibit and pictures from the trip!

  2. Interesting. we have a similar exhibit here, I was going to send my son with my dad to go see it. My dad chose ComiCon instead. ;)

  3. My mother-in-law just told me last night that she got tickets for us to go to the exibit!!!

    I cannot wait. I am not a hardcore Star Wars guy, but I like it enough to totally be excited about going!!

  4. Great pictures! That was nice of you to pose with your boys on the last picture.
    We get to go at the end of July.
    N1S may not let us leave.


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