A Contest...

Nope, as much as I'd love to host one of those Blog Contests that you see crop up from time to time on the blogshere, I am NOT hosting a contest here... (At least, not yet..)

I am (on the other hand) responding to a contest... One of my regular reads (Dad of Divas), posted about a contest another Dad-Blogger is hosting... It was a dad-blog that I had not yet discovered. I clicked through the link, and was delighted to find Joeprah - Parenting with Humor!

Joeprah is giving away a Sony Cyber-shot Camera package...

Since our camera is on the fritz, and we are using our camcorder as an alternative (which is ok, but it is without flash, and it is much bulkier than a digital camera...)

Now, I'd love to tell you NOT to head on over to Joeprah and partake in the contest (bettering my chances) but then I would not have shared the great content over their either... If we win the camera, GREAT! If we dont win the camera it is OK too, because I will have "won" another great Dad-Blog find!

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  1. Glad you founf JoPrah...you will enjoy it! Thanks for keeping up with reading mine and hope things in our neighboring State of Minnesota are well!


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