Happy Father's Day

First off...
To my Father (who I know checks the Blog from time to time)...  Happy Father's Day. 
To my Father-in-law... Happy Father's Day. 
To my Brothers-in-law (Brian, and Artie) - Happy Father's Day.
To all my "Father Blogging Friends" out there... Happy Father's Day.
To ALL the Father's out there... Happy Father's Day.
and, of course...
Happy Father's Day to me.
I'd also like to wish a happy Father's day to a couple of local fathers who's lives were cut short.  Their deaths have made an impact on our small community, and so I'd like to recognize their family's loss on this Father's day... 
To the families of SPC Joshua R. Anderson - a father from our community who lost his life serving overseas in Iraq - and Wally Cobb, a father who lost his life in a tragic train accident less than a mile from my home - I'd like to send you all some warm thoughts and prayers on this Father's day...
Now, at this point I'm usually pretty good for a bit of sentimental rambling... But, to be completely honest, I am feeling a bit exhausted...  Since the kids have been out of school for the summer, we have been on a non-stop whirl-wind tour of work, overtime, kids activities, pre-planned events, doctor visits, and trying to keep up with everything going on in and around our house... 
Yes, it is true I spent a few days fishing - but even that was crammed in-between a couple of other items, which reduced the "relaxation quotient" of the trip.  (Dad's Outdoor Journal Post Pending...)
So, father's day sits in the middle of my seven-day work week, and starts off a series of overtime shifts for me...  I will be at work from 7am - 7pm on Father's Day - and a several more subsequent days. 
Yeah, yeah... Oh, woe is me - right???  Well... I do recognize that in this day and age, and in the state of our current economy, that I am very lucky to have the job I do.  I am thankful for my job - a job that I do not "hate", and that (for the most part) I enjoy.  I am thankful for a job that keeps me gainfully employed, helps put a roof over my family's head, and food in their tummies. 
After all... A "good father" is a father who sacrifices his wants and needs for his family. 
Truthfully, the best Father's day gift I could ask for, I have received.  I am the proud owner of a happy, healthy family...   And so, even though I'll be working for most of it - I have exactly what I want for Father's Day.


  1. Happy Father's Day to you and I had a sneaky feeling that I'd see somewhere that you were spending the day in dispatch!

  2. Happy fathers day to you...great post! There are a few Dads who's life this year here have been cut short, most notably my neighbor Dave who not only was a father of two, but his birthday was today also.

  3. Please allow me to join you in wishing you a Happy Father's Day.

    It's certainly a bittersweet day for the friends and relatives of fathers who have passed, and for anyone not able to be with their father today, but hopefully they can make it a celebration of them even in absentia

  4. Dude, I complained too; don't feel bad!

    And yep, every day is Father's day when you're blessed!


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