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As I enjoyed the extra two hours of sleep this morning (on this, my first day of vacation), I laid in bed thinking about my Blogging experience over the past couple of years... The friends I have met, the things I have learned, the points of view that get to see (other than my own...). It has been (and continues to be) a great adventure!

That lead me to thinking about the whole "dad blogging community" as a whole. My link is up on several other Dad Blogs, some blogrolls, and a few lists of "dad bloggers", but something occurred to me this morning...

I have never seen a definitive list of local (at least local to me) dad-bloggers.. What I mean in this case, a list of Minnesota Dad Bloggers.

They are out there - that is for sure... I have run across a number of their blogs, and I enjoy a regular diet of a number of them already.

After getting up and out of bed, I got on line and did a couple of quick searches for Minnesota Dad Blogs. I was unable to find anything that resembled the list I envisioned. The closest thing I could find was a list to group of Minnesota Stay at Home Dads.
Unfortunatly, I am not among that group, but they seem to be off to a good start, so I'm going to throw them some "Link Love" - Minnesota Dads At Home
I decided that I was going to kick off my vacation with a "Minnesota Public Service Project". I am going to create, and maintain a list of Minnesota Dad Bloggers, and / or Minnesota Dad Blogs.

Now, this is NOT in anyway to leave out other Dad Bloggers... My BLOGROLL has a huge list of other dads that I read on regular basis, so to my other Dad Blog friends out there, please do not feel left out! In fact, on the contrary... I urge you to create a list of Dad Blogs from YOUR state.

Minnesota Dad Blogs / Minnesota Dad Bloggers
Updated 07-16-2008

Blog of Rand - http://blogofrand.blogspot.com/
Electric Lazy Land - http://www.electriclazyland.com/
Ethereal Garage - http://etherealgarage.blogspot.com/
It's Not About the Badge - http://3daysnopay.blogspot.com/
Stuff In My Brain - http://lbsimba.blogspot.com/
The Adventures of Samok Daddy - http://samokdaddy.blogspot.com/
The King of Clubs - http://king-of-clubs.blogspot.com/
The Life and Thoughts of a Midwest Geek - http://tnbwalsh.blogspot.com/
The Life of a Father of Five - http://father-of-five.blogspot.com

A couple of points here...

First off..
This is NOT a complete list... I hope that this is just the "kick off ". This is going to be a "live" post... I'm planning on adding a link to this post in my sidebar Blogroll - available for future reference...

If you are a, or know of another Minnesota Dad Blogger, or Minnesota Dad Blog that is not on the list, then BY ALL MEANS, please let me know. Leave me a comment, or use the CONTACT ME link to drop me an email - I'd love to keep this list growing!

Many of these blogs have "secondary" blogs, wife's blog, or a "trifecta" of blogs (blush)... I'm going to leave it up to you to work your way through those...



  1. Hey thanks for the plug David! I added you to my oft-neglected little blogroll.

  2. What a great idea!! I have already clicked on some of the links you have up.

    Thanks for the mention!


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