Happy Birthday!

I'd like to wish the Mother of Five a happy TWENTY-FIFTH (!?!?!?) birthday!!

We were going to have a little party here at the FOF compound.... That was until I got the word that (due to a sick call) that I Carrot Cakewas going to be "forced to hold over" from 3pm to 7pm.

That is another "down side" to my job... Never knowing when my home phone is ringing, if it is going to be work telling me to come into work four hours early, or if already at work (and planning something after work - like your wife's birthday) finding out you can not go home.

Since my available time was significantly reduced, I did what any red-blooded husband, and father-of-five would do... I "baked" a cake (in the car on the way home).

As you can see from the photo of my cake, I put a lot of painstaking work into the details. The little "frosting carrots", the crushed nuts on the side... Heck, I even commandeered a custom sized cake holder, and printed a "nutrition guide" to stick on the side!!

WOW! If I knew I could "make" a cake so well, I may even consider selling them at Cub Foods!

Happy birthday Mother-of-Five! Like a fine wine, and an aged cigar - some things only get better...

You are one of (if not the) finest of 'em all!


  1. Happy birthday to the Mother of Five-- she's lucky to have such a chef for a husband!

  2. Happy birday to The MoF!

  3. Happy Birthday.
    Carrot cake is a favorite around here too.

  4. Happy birthday Mother of Five! Even though the cake is not homemade - you picked a good one... Mmmmm Carrot Cake!

  5. A belated happy birthday to her!


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