A Quick Catch Up Before I Leave

Things have been very busy here at the FOF compound... Much busier that most times...

Between work, and forced hold overs (that interrupted what little time we had for Mother of Five's birthday party), #2 of 5's "Graduation" from school (post will follow later), a recent SWAT Activation at work (I am a dispatcher for our SWAT team), and the utter and complete lack of sleep the above items have allowed me (Honestly folks.. 7 (seven) hours of sleep in three calendar days...) I am utterly exhausted.


School is out... One of the most... um... well - a day of mixed emotions for us parents. We GET TO have our kids home with us so much more, yet at the same time we HAVE TO have our kids home with us so much more! (Ok.. It's the "GET TO" that wins out... But, come Septemer when school starts again, there is something nice about how the neighborhood and the house quiets down significantly... )

Let the Wild Rumpus Begin!


IMAG0116It's "guys fishing weekend" at my uncle's cabin.. My dad, my uncle, my cousins (and the kids), my boys and I are all heading up to the "north woods" for a weekend of scratchin', burpin', spitin', beer, cigars, pizza, and NO WOMEN-FOLK.. oh, yeah.. And some fishing. (No beer and cigars for the "men in training"... They can scratch, burp, spit, and eat all the pizza they want though!)

#3 of 5 spent the night at my mom and dad's. He, my dad, and my cousin Bob are leaving around noon today. My uncle and my cousin Mark (and his boys) are leaving around 3pm today.

Since #2 of 5 has a "graduation party" that we want him to be able to attend - this will be his last opportunity to hang with the whole group of students he has been going to school with since preschool... (all 14 of them). Next year he moves to the public school and a class of over 100... So, he and I are going to "hit the road" for the fishing trip after his party (10pm). I should arrive at the cabin between 1 and 2 am.. Then up for some early mornin' fishing around 5am... (More sleep depravation...)

Hopefully will have a couple of good stories for when I return...


About a month ago I wrote a post about an accident that occurred near our home. The accident was significant, and resulted in a fatality. A young father lost his life that day. I was moved by something I saw at the accident photo soonscene later that day, and made a quick post about it.

Just recently, the family of Wally Cobb (the young father who lost his life that day) found my post, and shared it with the rest of the family. I have been getting emails from many family members sharing how nice it was to see my post.

It's funny when you write about the things that you observe in your life, how they affect you. You never realize that your words can affect others on such a deep level.

I pass by the scene of the accident every day, and think about Wally's family often. They will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers...


  1. I'm glad your post about the accident got noticed, it was very good.

    Now...go get some sleep!


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