Last Day of School / Graduation

Last week was the day most parents (well... at least THIS parent) reaches with mixed emotion... The last day of school.

Like I have said before... We parents GET TO have our kids home for the summer, and (in the same breath) we parents HAVE TO have our kids home for the summer... 

It's always a little running joke I tease the kids with... That the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL is a "party day".  It is a day that all parents get together and throw a HUGE party... all without the kids knowing one thing about it. 

Then, a few years into this, the boys got smartalecky smart enough, and turned the tables on me.  They teased me about the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, and how it too is a "party day".  It is a day that all kids get together and throw a HUGE party... all without the parents knowing one thing about it.

So, I guess what comes around, goes around...   And I am off to cower in fear celebrate the fact that I GET TO, and HAVE TO have my kids home for the summer...


On a related note...

This year represents the end of #2 of 5's sixth grade year, and his graduation from St. John the Baptist School.  Sixth grade is the highest grade level that our kids' school goes to....  #2 of 5 spent a total of nine years (two years of preschool, Kindergarten, and first through sixth grades) with the same core group of 15 students.  They have grown up together in so many ways, and now that they have "graduated" from St. John's, they move on to bigger pastures.  They move into a class of close to 100 students.  They are going from uniforms to a liberal "dress policy".  They are going from knowing everyone (and I mean EVERYONE.... from the preschoolers, up to their own grade) to not even knowing everyone in their grade.  I will miss the small school atmosphere that St. John's provided..

Link to Article in the Local Newspaper

My ONLY disappointment with St. John's School - is that they do not run through 8th grade.  Many years ago (before our time at St. John's began) the 7th and 8th grades were removed for (what I believe to be) financial reasons.  Now, there seems to be interest in establishing a 7th and 8th grade program, but finances prevent the startup.  (There may be more to it than just fiances, but that is talked about quite a bit...)

I just hope by the time the girls (#4 and #5 of 5) make it that far, there will be a Junior High program established at St. John's... 

Man, how I'd love to win the lottery!  (even though I don't play)...  One of my favorite "daydreams" that I think through, is my winning the lottery (and winning it big).  Then some evening in Church - taking an outrageous sum of CASH (in $100.00 bills) rolled up tight with a rubber band and a note from someone named "anonymous" (that's me!) that says "This is for a Gymnasium".... Then a few weeks later, I do it again - this time the note (from "Anonymous") that says "This is to start a Junior High Program"...  A few weeks after that, yet another outrageously large roll of 100's with yet another note from "Anonymous" that says "This is to boost the teacher's salaries"....  And each time, the School staff confront me (because it's huge news, and everyone knows I won the lottery) trying to thank me - and I just keep repeating the same thing.... "I'm sorry, I do not know anything about that..."

This little school has withstood the test of time.  This little school has been a home away from home for my children, my family, and my children's friends (and their families).  This little school (and it's staff) are well deserving of some "good fortune"...  but in the mean time, they will continue doing the wonderful job that they have been doing (and have been doing so well) all these years.

On behalf of #2 of 5, and from the whole FOF family... I stand in awe, and applaud the Church, School, staff, volunteers, and parents of St. John's.  You are an outstanding group of people, and your dedication to your children, and my children are nothing short of amazing!

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