The Countdown Beginith..

God willing (no holdovers, sick calls, terrorist attacks, or "acts of God") - My summer vacation beings in just over sixteen hours.

As of Friday at 1500 hours (3pm) - I AM ON VACATION!!!! I do not have to return to work until July 12th at 0700 (7am).

This will be (mostly) a working vacation, and provide me an opportunity to catch up on some small yet nagging things that have been looming over my head for the past year or so.

Some of the PROJECTS on my list include...

About a day's worth of work to complete the DECK.
Woodwork and Trim in the basement
Removing a divider wall between our Kitchen and living room.
Help my Father in Law with prepping his almost-finished basement project
Oil Change
Garage Clean up
Closet project in #3 of 5's bedroom.
Closet Project in #2 of 5's bedroom.

But, it's not going to be all work... Nope.. I have some LEISURE activities planned too!

The Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota
Use my newly obtained smoker to smoke up some pork ribs!
Trying to squeeze a little fishing time in with the kids
Get a "walk a day" in - perhaps up to two miles
Catch up on some movie watching.
Smoke some cigars while relax on the deck.
Quality time with Ron, Fez, East Side Dave, Earl and the gang (XM - 202 - Noon to three (eastern))
Catch up on some DRASTICALLY NEEDED sleep.

Oh, I am quite sure that there is more I will try to fit in. I'll be here on the blogsphere, and updating over the next


  1. Sounds like you're working harder on your vacation than at work. It's a good list though.
    Maybe we will see you at the Science Museum.

  2. We saw the Star Wars Exhibit last year! Well worth the drive and the admission price.


  3. Enjoy your vacation!


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