umbrellaUpgrade #1

Yup, folks... I have been so darn busy for the past two weeks, I have neglected to mention a couple of "upgrades" that we have received.

On the trip home from "The Guy's Fishing Weekend" (post pending) - we stopped at a local discount retailer / reseller / warehouse / thrift store / junk shop called "Milaca Unclaimed Freight"  (just look for the bright yellow water tower!). 

While shopping at MUF, Something caught the corner of my eye...  It was a forest green "market umbrella" that (while not an "exact" match) did not look like it would be too bad of a match for our new patio set.

They only had a few left, and at the price they were selling them for ($14.99) - I could not resist grabbing one!  I also picked up a set of woodcarving tools while I was there too! 

As we were checking out, my dad (who was in line with me) paid for my umbrella, and for my woodworking tools!!  (Thanks Dad!) 


Upgrade #2

At the height of activity over the past two weeks, Mother of Five called me at work, and told me about an antique dresser we had spotted at one of the local antique shops here in town.  The dresser was priced so that it was considered as a possibility for the girls (#3 and #4 of 5's) room - but it was also priced at a level we were able to walk away from it without feeling TOO bad.

A few days later, I got to thinking that (since it was an antique shop) - that there was some room to haggle, and that a price that would make it more "appealing" may be struck. 

Before I had the opportunity to even talk to Mother of Five about this, she called me (as stated above) and told me that the price marked was dropped by $50.00.  (My original thought was to haggle it down fifty...).  I told her about my plan to haggle it down fifty, and said that later next week (which would be today) we would go in and see if we could haggle it down twenty or so dollars.

Mother of Five told me it was too late, and that she purchased it at the reduced price.

"WHAT?!?!?"  I asked, "no haggling?" 

Mother of Five replied "You got it at price you were planning on paying... what's the big deal"?

How could I argue with that???   So, after my schedule settled down, we collected our booty and replaced the Sauder manufactured board (fake wood) chiffarobe  that we had been using to store their clothes, we replaced it with the antique antique-dresserdresser we bought at the antique shop!


sauder-dresserOut with the old..

  In with the new!


or... In this case


Out with the new..

In with the old!


(Click for larger)


  1. First off, those are some lovely new upgrades you have there and I bet the price on that market umbrella could not be beat!

    Secondly, never argue with a Mother of Five as you will never win (something I am sure you know quite well by now!); granted haggling might have been more fun for you but she knew a good deal when she saw it and who knew if it that lovely antique still would have been there this week had you waited. Just remember, he who hesitates is lost ... or still using the chiffarobe!

  2. We always love to visit antique shops and estate auctions.
    You never know what you will find. And even if it is your price, in the back of your mind you always think you could have gotten it for a little less.

  3. Beautiful dresser! And I SO wish we had a store with "unclaimed freight" in the name- that sounds like a place I would visit often!!!! :)

  4. Thats a nice dresser you bought !

    We had some huge handmade pine wardrobes made fifteen years ago and having gone through some house moves which involved built-in wardrobes etc the pine ones are dismantled and living in the garage - but we're thinking of stripping out what we have now and rebuilding the pine ones - you don't appreciate quality until you've used rubbish.

  5. I'm with MOF on this one! I know I SHOULD haggle, but I hate doing it. Although, I have successfully done it on occasion (and by "successfully", I mean that I managed to get the seller down to what was probably the price he was more than happy to sell it at originally).

    BTW: I've tagged you for a MEME! See my latest post for the details

  6. Great updates and great finds...you better be careful though bargain shopping can become addicting... we may have to sign you up for a 10 step program or something!

  7. Nice finds!! We have been looking for a new umbrella for our patio set as well. I just can't choke down the $70-80 price tag that comes with them. What on earth makes these umbrellas worth $80??


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