Dangerous Nights

Temps tonight in the -16 to -20 degree range - with winds from the SE 5-10 miles per hour.

That gives us wind chill temps between -25 and -41 degrees..

Anyone up for some ice fishing?


  1. It's about the same here. I'll leave the fishing to you I just went to the fish'n chips restaurant yesterday. Was much warmer there.

  2. Crap on an icy cracker, THAT is cold!

  3. I'M IN!

    Oh how I miss ice fishing . . . when I was little, my dad used to drag my brother and I in a sled out to the middle of friggin' nowhere on a lake. Then he'd park our butts on a 5-gallon bucket and we'd sit there and wait and wait and wait.

    And there was no other place in the world I wanted to be.

  4. I've never been ice fishing and I'm trying to be sad that I'm not still living in Minnesota today. I'll try again in spring (around June, correct?)

  5. Brian Nawrocki12/23/08, 12:09 PM

    Instead of ice fishing, I got to play "follow the leader," with a bunc of slow walking inmates in this rediculous weather. How can the temp be less than nothing? Are there overdraft fees?

  6. Ooooohhhh That sounds WAY too cold

  7. Ooooohhhh That sounds WAY too cold


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