When I Am Not At Home

I was going through my 2008 photos, and came across this picture (that I had forgotten that I had taken).
It was supposed to be a follow up to THIS POST by Postulates and Pasttimes.

When I am not at home, this is where I can usually be found.
(One of the 4 main consoles at work.)



  1. Only 6 monitors? I bet you could keep up with 8 or 10 if you really focus!

  2. It looks like a busy place even without any people in the shot!

  3. Is that Frogger on one of the monitors?

  4. Very cool to see your workplace.

    It sure would be nice if they gave you a chair. :)

  5. David is such a stud, he needs no chair. He works 12 hour shifts at that console STANDING on HIS head!

    Perfect balance AND saving lives. That is his motto!

  6. Just as I thought.... no one around! AGAIN!

  7. Anonymous... No, we are around. It it's that sometimes we just "let 'em ring"....


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