1,000 Socks

#4 of 5's "Multi-age Classroom" (2nd and 3rd grades were combined as a cost savings measure... Which, by the way, I am VERY pleased with the results of...) decided to do a service project for Christmas.
They chose the Sharing and Caring Hands organization, operated by Mary Jo Copeland.
For those of you who live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, you are very likely to know who Mary Jo Copeland is. For those of you who do not, (in a nut shell) she is considered a "Street Mother", a "Extraordinary Leader" and an "Urban Saint" for the poverty stricken and homeless of our community.
Back to #4 of 5's classroom. They chose to support Mary Jo Copeland's Caring and Sharing hands organization. The Sharing and Caring Hands Center provides for the needs of the homeless in our community. One of the needs that is provided, is clothing. They provides clothing (including shoes and socks) to those that are in need.
The Multi-Age classroom decided to start a "Sock Drive" for Caring and Sharing Hands. They set a goal of 1,000 pairs of socks by today.
I know they not only reached, but have exceeded their goal, and as of the last count that I heard, they were over 1,050.
But when you include our (yet to be delivered) contribution of 90 pairs... (30 from Grandma, 30 from Aunt Mary, and 30 from us) the total will be 1,140.
Nothing like waiting till the last minute, huh FOF? Well, that's what comes with trying to keep up with a herd like ours... Once and a while things get done at the last minute...
I say "better late than never"
Well, since I am confident that we were not the only "last minute" contributors (collections continued throughout mass this weekend) I am very anxious to find out what the total number socks collected will be.
I'm going to guess somewhere in the 1,400 range... But maybe I'm being optimistic...
I'll be sure to let you know when the final count comes in!

UPDATE: As of 12-09-08, #4 of 5's class raised a total of 1,222 pairs of socks!! WAY TO GO!!


  1. I think it's so great that the school is doing that! My kids' schools are doing food drives for the food bank.
    This Christmas we, as a family, are going to donate things to the Homeless Teens program. Teens who haven't been able to find work are out on the streets in larger numbers than ever before.

  2. That's awesojme. Children must learn to care for others. I love it. Love the idea

  3. What a great way to introduce the kids to corporal works of mercy in everyday life. This is another great perk of your Catholic school decision.


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