The Spirit of Christmas

Today, a received an email from Best Buddy Ed.... 

Since he does not have a blog of his own (yet...), it is with his kind permission that his email has been converted into a "guest post" here on FOF.  Folks, this is a PERFECT EXAMPLE of what makes Ed the kind, and generous person he (and his whole family for that matter) is. 

Be sure to send him your thoughts through the Comments link....  I'll "make sure" he sees them.  (I'm bigger and older than him....)  He'll get them... You can bet on it!



Merry Christmas!

I just thought I'd share a story with you.

This story began 8 months ago when I had a tree felled in my front yard.  It was a very large White Poplar with a diameter of about 42" at the base.  Unfortunately, when Poplar trees get so large they begin to rot from the inside out.  Over the years the tree slowly got worse and worse, to the point that 65-70% of the upper branches had no leaves.  I had to have it felled professionally due to power lines on two sides and rows of cedar trees on the other sides.

Once the tree was on the ground, it was my job to clean up.  As I was cleaning up, I noticed my next door neighbor, B____, sitting on her front stoop.  I decided this was a good time to take a break and walked across the street to say "Hi".  During our conversation, I noticed she had a somber face.  Then she mentioned the tree.  I found out that tree was the last tree her dad had planted before he passed away.

I knew I had to do something special.

I went back to the task of cleaning up.  Looking for an opportunity to come up with something creative for her, I noticed a large branch that was a near perfect circle (13" diameter).  I knew right then what I had to do.  I cut a couple disks off the branch with my chainsaw, and stored them in the corner of my storage shed to dry.....hoping they would not split.

Fast forward 8 months...the disks did not split and were nice and dry.  Whew!!  I planed down the disks to 1-1/4" thickness...  Applied a satin oil finish to make the grain "come alive".....

DSC00131I assembled a few hands here, a couple numbers there....

and ......

I had made a beautiful clock for my neighbor!

Christmas Eve I called my neighbor up to see if she would be home for a few minutes.  J____ and I walked over to B____'s house and she invited us in.  I had the clock hidden inside a paper bag so she would not see what I had for her.  We sat at her kitchen table and began to tell her about the day on her front stoop when she told me about the tree.  I told her I noticed she was upset about the tree.  I then let her know she would always have a part of that tree as I pulled the clock out of the bag.....

As you can imagine, her eyes did not stay dry very long.  She didn't say much for a few minutes but she didn't have to.

The Spirit of Christmas is about giving...



  1. I love that story. Not only did you go over and talk to your neighbor, you took an intention and followed through with an action. That action created joy in someone else's life. I often have good intentions, but I flub the follow-through. You are an inspiration to me, Ed. Thanks for your example. If we all paid attention to our neighbor's needs, I bet our country would be so much better off.

  2. Ed you are wonderful! A story like that is so meaningful. I love to hear how there are still so many giving, honest and pure people out and about in this crazy world. FOF, you have a great friend there..... feel blessed.
    Happy New Year to come to both of you and your family.

  3. What a kind, thoughtful and creative gift. That is so sweet! And all the time you put into doing that. I am sure that will be a cherished family heirloom for generations to come. How lucky your family, friends and neighbors are to have someone like you in their lives.


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