One of Life's Simple Pleasures #2

Simple Pleasures:

A series of posts where I share some of the little things that make a HUGE (positive) difference in the Life of a Father of Five!

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I got ready for work early - anticipating a car that would not start.

I was pleased to discover that unlike yesterday (when my car almost did not start) - today - it started right up!

Man, as I get older - it get's easier and easier to make me happy.


  1. a trip to Auto Zone in order before it completely "kaputs" on you, or is it just the frigid weather you think?

  2. Happy things like that make life worth it!

  3. No trip to Auto Zone... It's not uncommon up here to have cars freeze up until it warms up a bit.

    Remember P&P... This car came from a few miles away from your place!!


    I think the car does not like temps in the -20 range....

  4. When I got to Utah, I remember wondering why the cars didn't all have plugs coming out the front grill. When I asked someone, I got a very odd look. Again, I'm trying to be sad that I'm not there right now.


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