My Christmas Gift to You!

Folks, it was not that long ago that I wrote about my favorite Christmas Tradition - Lionel Barrymore's "A Christmas Carol" on a 33 1/3 LP that I had converted over to CD a few years ago.

Well, thanks to my Best Bud Ed, he located a link to the audio on the net... and the best part?? It's FREE!!

The audio is considered "Open Source" and therefore available for EVERYONE to enjoy!

So, with many thanks to Ed, I would like to present each of you the link to download your own personal copy of my all time favorite version of A Christmas Carol!

The file is a 2.7mb mp3 file - and plays in 16kbps.

Here is a link to the Internet Archives web page. It has a built in player on the page, so if you choose not to download it, you can stream it - and listen to it right off the webpage. (There are a number of different versions listed - The version in question is #13 on that page).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And, for those of you who want to get right to it, here is the direct download link.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On a side note, another version (my second favorite) was also listed on that page. #1 - #6 is the Ronald Coleman version (another LP we used to own) of the same story. While I enjoyed that version as well, it does not hold the same place in my heart as the Lionel Barrymore version does.

Again, I can not thank Ed enough for finding (and sharing) these links... You are the greatest friend a guy could ask for!


  1. Sweet. Downloaded and listening to it right now.

  2. And to think, less than a year ago, I had no idea what MP3 was. Thanks for the lesson, Dave.


  3. Ed, with all that YOU have taught ME over the years

    (hunting, woodworking, how to "blow off" college classes, how to get in trouble and not get caught, how to >>NOT<< drive your Bronco II on a frozen lake (that lesson was learned twice), how to recognize when I need a camping break (and providing it to me), and let's not overlook the now famous "how to toss the cap in the fire" lesson)

    For those and many, many other things - it was the LEAST I could teach you!!


    Thanks for bein' there as my wing man buddy...

  4. Cool, thanks for linking! Merry Christmas!


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