Place Your Bets..

I am thinking of starting a pool (or poll for you non-gambling types, like me).

Take your guesses at what time this "chronically overtired" and "stressed out" Father-of-Five will finally collapse while waiting for the new year to arrive.

Hint... I can guarantee it will be before midnight.

I'll allow for fifteen minute windows.. and overlapping and duplicates are just fine...

My guess.... 10:45 - 11:00 pm (Central).


New Year's Day Morning Update...

Wii until 10:15
Settlers of Catan until 12:30
Clean up, etc...

Final bed time... 2:00 am!

Surprized the heck outta me!

I just may need an "old man's nap" today...


  1. Since I will also be crashing around 11pm our time, I am guessing you will do the same.

    Happy New Years my friend! All the health and happiness to you and the family in 09!

    Keep up the good fight brother!

  2. was it 11:00-11:15? Happy New Year!

  3. Me: 12:30. You win. We'll both need naps today.

  4. 2 a.m. is huge. Last time I was up that late was in April for a friend's bachelor party, so it was sort of against my will.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  5. Leighton.... Staying up that late is ALWAYS against my will at this point of my life!! (snicker)


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