In preparation for tomorrow night's (New Years Eve) celebration, #2 and #3 of 5 and I started a game of "Settlers of Catan" (one of my Christmas Gifts this year).

catan-1 catan-2

Little known fact about the Father of Five.... He LOVES board games!!
(Foreshadowing for a future post..)


  1. I love that game. We have it but haven't played it in years. Have fun!

  2. Hmm, CareerMom comes from a family of board gamers. Her 89 year old grandmother isn't happy unless she's puttin' the smackdown on everyone in a game of scrabble (she used to be an english teacher).

    But this game...looks very time consuming, which I'm sure you love!

    Enjoy. I'll try to think about you as I'm going to sleep around 10:30 tonight!

  3. we love Settlers, too. Actually we got a bunch of Euro style board games and if you haven't tried it yet, get Ticket to Ride or Carcassone, both are fun for all ages.

  4. Victor...

    I was just looking at BOTH of them today... Carcassone is on sale for half price at Sci-Fi City...


    On your recommendation, I think I'll "take the leap" and give'er a try!!

    Thanks for the tip!


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