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I was going to use "Wii Wish You A Merry Christmas" as the title for this post until I noticed that DadStuff beat me to the punch.  I then felt I needed to come up with "A Different Title".
Much like the Stuff in My Brain's Christmas, Nintendo made their presence known in our house, with the arrival of our new Wii.   In fact - our stories are SO similar that one only needs to change the names, and it would be a nearly identical experience!   
IMG_0169The kids have been all but BEGGING for a Wii for months, and since I do not respond to begging - one never showed up.  After the kids came to the realization that begging does not work and figured that I am too much of a cheapskate to buy a new gaming system (we have an older XBox (not the 360)), they sort of "gave up" trying. 
A couple of months ago (while the units were still in stock) - we made the plunge, and purchased one.  It has been kept hidden since. 
As Christmas drew closer, the kids started "hinting" about a Wii again - but every time we went to the stores they were out of stock.  A fact that I "pointed out" each and every time we were at the store.  I reassured them that even if I wanted to buy them a Wii, there was no way it could happen.
Well, Christmas came - and so did the annual "ravaging of the gifts under the tree".  When it was all said and done, nary a Wii was to be found.  As the kids attention was drawn away (busy with the gifts that they did receive), Mother of Five and I snuck downstairs, and hauled up the pile of similarly wrapped (but disguised in a different sized boxes) gifts. 
We distributed the packages evenly, and had #3 of 5 open the first box (the Wii unit).  It was not until it was completely unwrapped that they figured out what it was...
And it was all over...
#2 of 5 was Gasping for breath...  Speechless....  Just "Ooh", "Ahh", and "Umm"...  He started bouncing around like a circus chimpanzee.  When he finally got his breath back, #2 and #3 of 5 were INSTANTLY all "I know what's in THAT one" (while pointing to the Guitar Hero). 
IMG_0181The whirlwind opening of the Wii (and related accessories) was followed up with "This is the best Christmas I EVER had", and MANY "ThankYouThankyouThankYou's".
Since we celebrate on Christmas Eve, and the Wii was the last to arrive, there was only a small window of time to set the Wii up, and "test it out" with a whirlwind crash course of Guitar Hero (Only to find that one of the guitars had a defect in it) before we had to call it a night.  I let the boys and #4 of 5 play with the other guitar (and maybe a Father of Five had to "test it out" once or twice too) before I had to pack all the pieces and parts back up to exchange it on Friday... 
Since I had to work on Christmas day, the kid's Wii time was spent sans me...  But from the looks of the aftermath, it appears they enjoyed themselves (at least until they had to leave for Grandma and Grandpa's house).  I met them after work, and did not get home until after 10pm.
Friday is another work-day (with a forced hold over until 7pm) for me - so my hope is that the kids will help mom clean the house up, and I can exchange the Guitar Hero (on the way home) and we can have a little Guitar Hero family jam session.
We are TRYING (trying being the key word) to hold them off just a bit.  New Years Eve / Day are days off for me - and we want to have a family Wii-fest that night.
We picked up the Wii (with Wii Sport), Wii Play (with the extra Wiimote), one extra nunchuk (for the extra Wiimote), DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) with an extra Dance Mat, Guitar Hero Aerosmith (the set with two guitars), and Guitar Hero Legends of Rock (just the game - the boys like classic rock)...  I would have liked to have picked up MarioKart, but...  a.) when I looked I could not find one, and... b.) it's a pretty expensive game.  We will get one in due time I am sure.
On a related note, I just found out that my nephews (The Two Texas Twins - now living in New York) also got a Wii for Christmas...  Yikes, it has been a Wii Christmas for sure!


  1. We are practicing up at our house so we can come over and have a family Battle of the Wii's.
    Don't work too much. You need time to Rock.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. That's awesome. The whole family should have hours of fun playing together. Wii rocks! The family that plays together.....you know.

  3. Funny! Wii got one for christmas, too. Only ours came with wii fit instead of guitar hero. Wii fit is mean. It made me 50 years old the first time I tried. Now I'm down to 41. It was fun, I have to admit. If nothing else, watching my husband do invisible hula-hoops was worth the price.


  4. Wii got one last Christmas, so this year we got MarioKart. I love that game, and I'm not a video game fan. I played Wii Sports a lot when we first got it, but lost interest after a couple months. We don't have the cool stuff like Guitar Hero or DDR, just the basics. Still, the kids have a good time.

  5. Aah, Wii too got a Wii for C-mas. I also ordered the older "Complete Lego Star Wars Saga," but it never came...*cough* *cough*...I mean, Santa didn't bring it!

    We're making out pretty good with the Sports thing though. Good fun!

  6. The complete saga...
    I would say you can borrow mine, but my wife would probably be mad at me. She loves the game more than me! Whenever we play and she makes me mad I just kill her character hahaha

    If "Santa" still doesn't bring it by Feb... you don't live that far away... consider it on loan! LOL!


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