After Reading My Last Post..

After reading my last post, I am afraid I may have left folks with the impression that the Father of Five's real IMGA0145identity is "Ebenezer Scrooge".  Well, I say Bah-Humbug to that... 

(* More on Ebenezer Scrooge in an upcoming post...) 

To prove to all my friends that I am indeed not Ebenezer Scrooge, I have a couple of quick photos I took today that I wanted to share with you.

First photo...  (The first two may not help my cause)

I am not a big Holiday Home Decorator.  I have rarely put more than a single string of lights up on my gutter. 

Once and a while I get my lighted deer out, but I am always afraid of what local hoodlums will do. 

A few years back I found my lighted deer put into a....

(ahem... Cough... Cough...) 

..."Compromising position".  

First thing we did this year, was to buy a evergreen swag from our local Boy Scout Troop (Yeah, ok... From our own boys...)  and for the first time since we have lived here, I decorated the front entrance.

It does not look all that bad, and I am sort of glad I did it.  I am pretty sure that this spot on the house needs "seasonal" decoration, and will continue to receive some attention in the future.



Second Photo...

Well, in the past few nights, as I drive down my block, I notice that my house is one of the few void of ANY sort of decoration, so in a moment of guilt, I broke down and bought some lights for the outside of the house. 

It's not much, but remember folks - between the lights and the swag - I have already DOUBLED my holiday decorating efforts!

I am even considering a few more lights - but don't hold your breath.


Third Photo...

And now, as a last ditch effort to prove that no matter how stingy my holiday decorating may be, I am capable of bolstering the Christmas Spirit - I have to post a photo that I could not resist taking.

While at the store picking up some parts to hang the lights, and the swag - I noticed a scene that kicked the Christmas Season into gear for me.

Our local "small town" grocery store / hardware store (Separate, but attached and owned by the same family) had their Christmas Tree and wreath display out.  With last night's snow still lingering on the trees - all standing at attention between the front entrances of the two stores - I HAD TO go home, grab the camera, and return to the store to snap a couple of photos. 


The photo does not do the scene justice.  You can not (for example) smell the trees / wreaths - or feel / hear the crunching of the snow under your feet.  You'll have to trust me here when I say - in real life - the scene was reminiscent of a Norman Rockwell photo for the Saturday Evening Post. 

The nostalgic images and experiences of Christmas are second to none.  No amount of "Black Friday" shopping or "Door Buster Sales" with even the most unbelievable prices can beat walking past a small town grocer / hardware store and seeing something like this. 

I'll have more on Christmas Nostalgia coming soon to a Father of Five blog post near you!  Stay tuned my friends!


  1. One of the real gifts of Christmas: the ability to savor and be grateful for the fresh snow on fragrant evergreens, the crisply cold air, and the crunch of snow underfoot. How any Black Friday deal can top that, I don't know.

  2. The wreath looks very nice by your green front door. We always order our wreath's from the Boy Scouts too. I enjoyed your Black Friday post. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Happy December 1st from our family to yours.
    Dad Stuff Wife aka - Lady Di

  3. That is a wonderful pic of the trees. I like that none of them are bound and packaged to go. They look great.

  4. I love the effort! Can we see the house all lit up?

    I do love the smell of a nice tree display. Weaselmomma is right. Not seeing them all bundled makes them really look nice.

    You do win the "post up first"! Well done sir! I'll get you next year :-)

  5. FOF~

    I am still here and things are good. No fist infection for this guy:)

  6. HA! Glad to see I'm not the only one justifying my Holiday feelings this year! Is that snow?

    Man, I want snow!

  7. P&P...

    Yes, but only a tiny amount..

    Now that Thanksgiving is over, BRING ON THE SNOW...

    I'm EAGERLY anticipating a good "white out" blizzard with a foot - maybe even two feet of snow!

    It's been cold enough now that we have reports of some folks "Hard water fishing" already (Ice Fishing).

    I'm a BIG guy, and stepping out on the ice right now makes me a bit nervous..

    When I see a car out there, then I know the ice will support me.

    Until someone uses their car as a guinna pig - I'll keep to dry land - thank you very much!

  8. Great pictures. I'm glad you went home for your camera.
    You've got a good start on your house lights. Now get on that roof and put up Frosty!

  9. I'm not big into lights and all of that. I don't even have a tree up yet (feel really bad about that) BUT my folks make up for it 10 fold. There house looks like magic. Thankfully we go there every day


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