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UPDATED 05/03/07 @ 2018 hours

Well, I have ended yet another busy workweek. In addition to work, and training a new employee, Ben was Confirmed, and Melissa (the youngest) celebrated her thrid birthday. Let's just say that my schedule was busy enough that my 38th birthday came and went (and I did not even notice it - which is not a bad thing). I am not much of a birthday guy anyway. A quick phone call, or a hug from the kids wishing me happy birthday is about all I need!

I start three days off today, and have quite a few things planned. (Many "little" tasks that need my attention)

Here is a list of some of the things I want to get done on my days off.
(Crossed off items have been completed)

Change Oil in the Escort

Pick up rocks from the yard (scattered by the kids from the landscaping throughout the winter)

Buy some new jeans (On-line)

Get a haircut (I have a coupon!)

Fill the cracks in our driveway

Research a replacement battery for my Palm Pilot

Finish the last few items left on the deck

Mow the lawn - But before mowing, I had to do the "spring clean up" of the mower. I also decided that this was the year I am going to buy a bench grinder to sharpen the blade. I also discovered while mowing the lawn that I needed to Spray lawn weeds with herbicide.

Apply for our annual "Recreational Fire" permit

Pay the Bills

Pick up Ben on early release day (after his juggling club meeting)

Clean the garage

Start up the sprinkler system for the year (and troubleshoot) - No problems.

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  1. Hey David,

    Happy Birthday! I have a similar list (at least 8 of the same jobs) but mine has “ditch work, family, and reality for a 5 day canoe trip” scrawled across the middle.

    Also, when I recently changed the battery in my palm pilot at work, a bunch of the programs were dumped and had to be reloaded. Curse the thing - I’ve been thinking of bringing it along on my canoe trip and making my own Corona Beer commercial by using it to scraped burned grease out of a frying pan or playing “fetch” with Lucy or something. ;-)

    Take care!



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