Sorry Everyone

I have not posted much and have only checked into my friend's blogs once or twice over the past several days. I have noticed a flurry of activity around Jeff's Blog, and feel kind of left out. I am glad to see he has started posting, and (in my opinion) he has "knocked one out of the park" with his "running theme - Photo quiz" posts! I think he found the niche that will keep him coming back! Nice job Jeff!

Last week, as I ended another long week with a large amount of overtime, I started feeling lousy Friday night when I went home. I felt pretty run down.

I awoke Saturday morning with a sore throat (again), and having just dealt with Strep, I went to the clinic Saturday morning. The "quick check" came back negative, and the Doc said I could have a tonsillitis, but it was unlikley strep. He said to take ibuprofen to relieve the pain, and go about my normal business. He said that they would still do the "full culture" in the lab, but because they were closed on Sunday, I would not hear back until Monday. He said it was a "no news is good news" way of passing along info. (If I did not hear from the lab, then the results were negative.)

Sunday was a very busy day (Confirmation send off Mass for Ben, and subsequent party). But the day came and went (still feeling lousy).

Monday came and went a little more quiet day, but I had Melisssa home with me for the day.(I was feeling even more lousy, but I did not receive any phone call from the lab.

Monday night / Tuesday morning I could not sleep - my throat still hurt, and it kept me awake that night. I had already decided I needed to go back because something was wrong...

Tuesday was VERY BUSY - the day was filled with me chaufering kids around (School, dentist, docotor, etc)

Jordan to Prior Lake.
Prior Lake to Minnetonka.
Minnetonka back to Jordan.
Jordan to Burnsville
Burnsville to Minnetonka
Minnetonka to Jordan

I got in my car at 8:30 am and made it home at 5:00 pm.

When I got home at 5, there was a message on the answering machine for me from the lab (I was not at all surprised to see that) saying I needed to call them back. I did, and found out that "the strep" was back. My wife was shopping at Target - So I had another prescription (this time a more powerful antibiotic (or so I am told)) called in there, and she was able to pick it up while she was there (saving me another trip).

When she returned home and we told the kids my strep was back, Zachary told us that he had a sore throat. I checked his throat, I could see the tell-tale signs of strep there too. So, just after she got home, she turned around and took Zachary to urgent care to get a throat culture done. That test also came back "negative" on the quick check, but they told us they will do the 24 hour culture and know for sure. We were told the same "no news is good news" deal about lab results.
I had my first dose of Meds in me by 7pm. Doc's orders was not to return to work until 24 hours after first dose, so I had to call into work sick (and "hose-over" one of my co-workers. (God how I hate doing that - Sorry to whomever that was).

Then, after my wife got home, I had one last trip back and forth between Jordan and Prior Lake.

Jordan to Prior Lake
Prior Lake back to Jordan.

I made it home by 10:pm.

By 10 pm last night I was really starting to feel bad, and am going to take most of today just to rest and catch up. I kept Zachary home with me today too, (as I am quite sure he also has strep) just waiting for the call from the lab.

So, my blogging friends, please forgive my hiatus from posting, and from reading. I hope to be back to normal some time in the next day or two.

On a side note - we have hired a new dispatcher, and he started work today. He was supposed to do a "sit along" with me and I was going to start his classroom traning tomorow. He will be sitting with one of my partners instead and I will begin his week of "Classroom C(omputer) A(ided) D(ispatch)" training with him tomorow. I will then spend the remaining few days of that work-week with him at a 911 console. I will take him with me for one more week as I move back to working evenings (3pm - 11pm).

That will be a big change for me. I have grown to like working day-watch (7am - 3pm) - I get to actually spend time with my kids. Mid-watch wont be too bad for the summer though - I get to be home with them in the mornings, and will get to do some FUN THINGS with them during the day-time hours!


  1. Hey David,

    Geeeez - sounds rough! Here’s a prescription – pack the kids into rubbermaid bins for a couple hours, and take 3 beers, a jar of jalapeno olives, and a lawn chair out to the back yard for some sun. Don’t make me call 912 (the real number) on you!

    Take care and feel better!


  2. for the "sorry to whoever that was" - that was me and NO PROBLEM, I finally got some OT! Hope your feeling better soon, being sick is the pits. :(


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