Birthday Shopping

Last night's "family activity" was more centered around Zachary (#3). He had a recent birthday, and had asked for money and/or gift cards because he was saving up for a special item.
I'll give you a hint, and finish the post tonight or tomorow...
Be kind to me... It was the first web page(es) I ever built.
(Oh, and P.S. - There is a low bandwith limit on that page, so you may or may not get a "temporarly unavaiable" notice. If you do, you will just have to try back later. Not much I can do about that unless I make it a paid page, and... well... I'm not going to do that.)

The story behind the fish tank is that I too am an "aquariust" I have kept fish tank(s) ever since I was 16 years old.

My first fish tank - I bought with my own money. My parents did not even know I did it - The store (which to this day is still my favorite fish store was "Pets Unlimited" in Edina. It is no longer open. It closed maybe 15 years ago (or so). I would walk up and down the fish isles of that store for hours at a time. Daydream about setting up a salt water aquarium, and drool over all the high priced doo-dads.

Here is a bit of my fish-keeping history - taken from my "How I Got Into Aquara" webpage.

- - - - - - - -

I started fishkeeping at age 16 (1985). I bought my first tank after I started workin' for a living. I started with a 10g. Being very new, and inexperienced in keeping fish, the whole tank got ich and died. But I was determined for no other reason than I liked the sound of the bubbling water in my bedroom at night! I broke the tank down, cleaned everything and started over, learning from my mistakes as I went.

A couple of years later I added a 29g while keeping the 10g up and running.

Some time after that my (then girlfriend / now wife) wanted me to set up a fishbowl for her 2 year old son. (Against my better judgement) I did. They loved the bowl, but wanted an aquarium. I took the bowl home as a rescue attempt (my only real unsavory long-term experience with fishkeeping) and set up another 10g for the Girlfriend and her son. At this point I was maintaining my 29g, 10g, the goldfish bowl – and a "remote" 10g (at the girlfriend’s place).

By now I was finishing college and moving out on my own. I moved into a SMALL apartment with a roommate, and (initially) did not set up any tanks. I (very quickly) got bored and missed my fish. I spoke to my roommate and (again) set up a 10g in a small corner of the apartment.

By now it is now 1993 (8 years later). One wedding (mine), two moves, and the purchase of a "fixer-upper" house finally caused me to give up the tanks.

We fixed up and sold the "fixer-upper" and in 1999 had a custom home built. Still no room for tanks. We built a 2 bedroom home, with the plan that we would be adding 2 more bedrooms in the basement, but the basement was unfinished, and I wanted my tank(s) down there. As we approached Christmas, my (now) 13 year old stepson had a large Science Fair project coming up, so we took care of both by buying him a new 10g tank, setting it up, and doing his Science Project on the Nitrogen Cycle. (He finished 2 nd). Needless to say while helping him out with his tank, I got that "itch" again.

Well, the basement is just about finished (well, enough to set up a tank again). I dug out an old 30g tank that belonged to my sister from my parents house. I just finished building a "rough" stand for it and am starting to pick up items I need to get it up and running. I have been researching fish, fish tanks, equipment, etc (since I have had a nine year hiatus from the hobby some things have changed / improved), and have decided on setting up a Shell Dwelling Cichlid tank.

- - - - - -

That was written back in 2002-2003. I did set up my Multifacitus tank (that Web page documents quite a bit of it). You can see what my tank looks like (for the most part) now HERE. (There have been a few changes in "decoration" - mostly the texas holey rock has been re-arragned a few times...)

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  1. Way to go little man with your new fish tank! You will just love it. Can't wait to hear more about it.

    Hey all of your stories, I don't find anything about the sunfish that you kept from Normandale Lake!!!!!!!!!!



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