Another "Crossing Over"

With my new work schedule comes a myriad of missed family events. Most extra-curricular activities (sports, scouts, concerts, etc) happen in the evenings. Now that I am back to working evenings, I miss out on most. Last night's activities fall into the "missed" category.

Up until today all the posts under the "Scouts" tag have been about Boy Scouts, Pinewood Derby, and Jonathan's Crossing over from Weblos to Boy Scouts. Well, I am officially changing that. Last night Rebecca "Crossed Over" from a Daisy Girl Scout to Brownie Girl Scout.

Although I missed it, my wife videotaped it. I watched it this morning with Rebecca, and was as proud of her as if I was there! She proudly ran up to her room, and donned her new "Brownie Vest" (that is yet to be adorned with the numbers, pins, and patches that will eventually fill it). Last night Rebecca was awarded the "Brownie Scout Pin" and the "Bridge to Brownies" patch. The Brownie Pin is for all current Brownie Scouts, and the "Bridge to Brownies" patch is for all girls that completed "Daisy Scouts".

Also - an interesting little story involving the Jordan Girl Scouts...

At the ceremony there was a special US flag predominantly displayed. One of the Jordan Girl Scout Troops got together and decided to send two "cases" of Girl Scout Cookies to some of the US Troops fighting in Iraq. The soldiers were so delighted to get the boxes of cookies that, as a gesture of thank-you, in return they sent back the flag that had flown over their camp. The Girl Scouts have made this their official ceremonial flag to be displayed at all events. What a simple gesture each way, but in it's own special way it meant a lot to each group.

(Hey Ed and Bill... Y'all should pay special attention to this post. Ed, it's only a couple of short years before Allison is old enough, and Bill, you still have a bit over five years before Maeve can join, but it's never too early to start learning about all this stuff!)

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