Add to my "Wish List"

Two days ago I was walking through Mills Fleet Farm, and I ran across these two books.

"They Used to Call Us Game Wardens" and "They Used to Call Us Game Wardens Volume 2"

Now, I know my friend and colleague Bill has a "Reading list" that he keeps. I do not recall if he has these books on his list, but knowing what I know about Bill (read the last sentence of the first paragraph from THIS post...) if these books are not on his list, after he reads this entry I am confident that they will! (Hey Bill, your "reading list" would make a great post!)

As for me, I'll be adding these books to my "Wish List".

I have been busy plugging away at "graduation plans" for Ben (the oldest of the five) who graduates High School next month. Lots to do, for that.

As for any other fathers out there with kids in "less than high school age" or are awaiting their birth... (ahem... Eric, Bill, Mark...) one tip... Start saving money now for your kids senior year. WOW - it gets expensive... Class ring, Senior Pictures, Senior Party, Graduation fees, Graduation announcements, Graduation invites, parties, etc, etc, etc... It's the "black hole" of "disposable income" for us dads.... Just a heads up from me to you...

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  1. Hey Dave,

    Those are not the ones on my reading list, but I might have to add them! Let me know how they are if you pick them up. Maybe we can do some trading!


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