Affairs of the heart.

Yes, folks... It's true. In the past few days I have experienced troubles with "affairs of the heart". Now, before you all start jumping to conclusions - let me explain.

It all started last week while listening to the Ron & Fez radio show. Fezzie had been having some "chest pains" while on the air. Since he suffered a previous heart attack in 2005, Ron, East Side Dave and Black Earl took it pretty serious, and convinced him into going to the hospital - all live and on the air. It was very emotional. It was later discovered that he needed a 2nd stint put into one of his arteries. Yeah, I know it's a radio show, but I love my "radio buddays" and feel like I know them personally. Hang in there Fezzie! I have been sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to hear back on how Fez is doing. I'll find out today (Monday) between 11am - 2pm (Central) on XM Radio's channel 202 "The Virus".

Then, two days later, priorities hit hard when Ed called me up and said that his Dad was in the hospital - His heart was acting up again. (Ed's parents were my "second parents" growing up. They are still very near and dear to me...) Without going into a lot of details, Ed called and explained the situation. I asked to be kept abreast of what was happening, and kept their family in my constant thoughts and prayers. Not long after the first call, Ed called again and told me he was packing his family up and they were on their way to the hospital where his Dad was staying (2 hours away). From what I understand, it was pretty "touch and go" and Ed's Dad's heart was quickly loosing it's capabilities. Again, asking Ed to call me with any updates (at any time of the day or night) I was expecting "the call" in the middle of the night. When no call came in that night, I called Ed the next morning, and discovered that his Dad was rallying back a bit, and that the fluids that were building up in his body (and reducing the effectiveness of his heart) had drained, and that things were looking up a bit.

Out of respect for the family I wont go into a lot of details here, but suffice it to say that while the news is not "great", it certainly could have been much worse, and as of the last contact I had with Ed, after a surgery on Sunday (yesterday) things should have stabilized for his Dad last night and into this morning.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I am still trying to adjust to my new schedule. It is a very different type of work that happens from 3pm - 11pm. I frequently give the "junior dispatchers" a hard time, but I gotta tell you - they have it much harder than I did when I was in their position (or any of us "senior dispatchers"). There have been a lot of changes over the past dozen years at the department, and while I frequenly give them a hard time (comparing "old school" dispatching with what goes on now), and therefore do not acknowldge how good they are (as dispatchers) to be able to do what they are doing, and as good as they do it. It is not an easy job, and some of the recent changes have made a stressful job even more difficult.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Remember my posts about the alarm system? Well, I have had my alarm system about 50% complete (installed and functioning, but I only had half of the parts I really wanted). A brief tour of ebay over the past couple of weeks has neted me (at a damn good price) the remainder of the parts needed to alarm everything I want alarmed in the house. Originally my house was only to have 4 sensors. I was not comfortable with that number, and after installing the four, I have been watching for more at a good price. Last week I was able to pick up the remaining seven sensors, and the remote access keepad that I have been watching for. These parts should all arrive sometime this week, and I hope by next week to have the alarm system 100% complete and functional.

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