Mother's Day

A happy Mother's Day to ALL mother's out there. You are all appreciated more than you realize, and frankly, less than you deserve.

A very special Mother's Day to the mother's in MY life. I too am guilty of under appreciating you. You all have a special roll to play, and deserve far more recognition that I give you. Thanks for all you do.

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We live in a "split entry" home, and we have a modest sized entryway. A number of years back we picked up an "el-cheapo" / "build it yourself" pine bench for the entryway. We always intended on finishing it, but the pine was of "less than good" quality, and was very soft (easily ding'ed, dented, scratched, bitten, and chewed). The bench did not take "wood stain" well, but "would stain" very easily with other products (like melting Popsicles, freezy-pops, spilled drinks, melted chocolate, dog tinkle, markers, crayons, pencils, dirt, sand, water - I think you get the picture). The pine bench became an eyesore and frankly, an excuse / place to drop whatever we walked into the house with (bags, coats, shoes, toys, etc, etc, etc). For Mother's Day, I picked up a furniture set that my wife has been looking at for a while to replace the pine bench from hell.

After giving her the gift, we cleared out the bench and set the furniture up along the wall. I took some photos of it, but alas, I forgot my camera in the van, and my wife has the van today.

I scoured the web for a link to the furniture, (Ed wanted to know what it looked like last week - but I could not find a pic or a link). So, without any of my own pics, or a link to set up, I did the next best thing. I took a scan of the set from an advertisement. This looks just like the set, but it is not an actual picture of the set in my house. (I suppose I'll get around to replacing this photo with a real one in the next few days... but for now, you will have to live with this.

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